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Crafting Job Advertisements: Tips & Tricks for Recruiters

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What are the basics of a job adverisement? 

Compelling job advertisements are a recruiter’s secret weapon. A well-written job ad boosts your chances of placing a great candidate in any open role. And a poorly-crafted job ad does just the opposite.

In this article, we’ll go over job advertisements’ basics and format. We’ll also look at how to measure job ad success. And check out the included job ad samples to see the rules in action.

Take the principles below to start writing great job ads - and win big on talent attraction.

What are the basics of a job advertisement? 

A job advertisement (a.k.a. “Job ad” or “job advert”) is a write-up about a role. It’s the text that recruiters post online to show a job’s details and start collecting applications.

Job ads serve two main purposes:

  1. To let potential applicants know a role is open and share some key info
  2. To set expectations around skill levels, experience, and benefits

Sometimes the term “job advertisement” is swapped with “job description.” But these are two different things within the recruitment process. Job ads are external posts that draw in applicants, i.e. what you’ll be concerned with as a recruiter.

Job descriptions are used internally by HR teams and hiring managers to list details like a job’s place within the company, compliance rules, and paths to advancement.


Why are job ads important?

First impressions count. Excellent job advertisements, i.e. the first things candidates see, are key to an effective talent acquisition strategy. Getting the job ad right is a building block toward your ultimate goal: placing the right candidate.

And you need to get clear on the job’s requirements before talking to talent. Being deliberate with job ads at the start reduces time-to-hire and cost of hiring, while also serving as a candidate “quality check.”

Starting from the top, let’s go through the elements of a great job advertisement.


What parts make up a job advertisement?


Not every job board will ask you to write a headline. But if you do have one, it needs to stand out to have a chance of winning talent. Follow a one-line format that sounds catchy, informative and intriguing - while still sharing the basic job info.

For example, if you want a high-energy CS manager, you can try a headline like “Looking for a Dynamic CS Manager to Join Our Dream Team!”


This is the meat-and-potatoes part of the job ad. Include all relevant information like:

  • Location
  • Responsibilities
  • Qualifications
  • Required experience
  • Application instructions

Make sure to be clear and concise.

Closing Statement and Call to Action

Time to convert. Finish the job ad with a wrap-up section that includes clear contact information and a final push to encourage candidates to apply.

How to write a job advertisement

Including all relevant details about the role, i.e. job title, responsibilities, required skills, etc., will guide you toward making a great placement.

Here’s a breakdown of the elements to include in a job ad:

Headline  A simple into with a job title 
Summary 1-2 paragraphs announcing the opening, plus a basic description of the job.
Responsibilities ~ 5 bullet points on the main day-to-day tasks for the job.
Requirements ~5 bullet points on the experience and skills necessary to perform the job.
Benefits Sell the role to potential candidates. Why is it good for them?
About You  Add extra candidate qualities that would make your client want to hire them.
Contact Share the best way for applicants to get in touch.

Tips on writing compelling job ads that work

1. Do your research first

Crafting a high-impact job ad is all about nailing down the position you're filling, figuring out who your dream candidate is, and serving up an enticing message.

The secret ingredient is questions. Have a deep-dive conversation with your client to understand both their needs and the realities of the role. That way, you’ll know what candidate qualities to look out for.

2. Be transparent

Communicate the job’s purpose in a way that resonates with applicants. For example, how does the position help with career advancement? What values, benefits, or other perks would make a candidate say “yes” to this role?

Give all the details on what it takes to make the cut, including setting realistic expectations. It’s easier to find the right candidate by being clear about the skills they’ll need to succeed.

3. Pay attention to language & tone

Step up your hiring game by crafting job ads that pop. Talk to your dream candidates like they're right in front of you. Keep it simple and straightforward - no need for big words or jargon.

Bonus tip: use active verbs for responsibilities, like “design” instead of “in charge of design,” to make your ad lively.

4. Specify contact details

End your job ad by giving candidates all the info they need to throw their hat in the ring.

Make sure your contact info is correct and visible. Decide whether you’d like to share your email, agency website, or have them call.

And don't forget the all-important call to action. Give future hires a friendly nudge to take the leap and apply.

5. Take local laws into account

Create a job ad that stays on the right side of the law. Be mindful of any local labor laws that might trip you up. Consult local legal help if you’re unsure.

For instance, some countries have rules about being too specific about age or gender preferences for hiring. Others will require posting salary ranges. Keep it cool and follow the rules.


Publishing and promoting job ads

Your job ad is done. Now it’s time to find the right platform to let it shine.

Here are some likely places to post:

  • Professional job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor
  • Local or international job boards
  • Social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter
  • Your recruitment agency’s website or jobs portal

Consider making your job ad a hit by giving it a little monetary boost.

Treat it like a marketing campaign and spread the word as far and wide as you can. Use all the channels at your disposal - social media, newsletters, job boards, and more.

Then get ready to welcome a flood of top-notch candidates to your doorstep.

If you want to learn more, become a social media recruiting pro with our expert guides:

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How to measure the success of your job ads

Once you post an ad, it’s a good idea to track its performance on a variety of metrics. This lets you see what’s working (or not) when it comes to candidate attraction.

Keep an eye on the number of applicants and the quality of their submissions.

Try going back and revising the job ad if you’re not getting great results. Tweak the language or benefits and make sure it resonates. Doing this over time, with multiple roles, narrows your focus when writing new job ads (because you know what works).

Want to up your recruitment game even more? Check on analytics like click-through rate (CTR), cost per applicant (CPA), and time-to-hire. These recruitment metrics will give you a refined understanding of your job ad's effectiveness.


Job advertisement examples

Sample job description for a CS Manager:

Looking for a Dynamic CS Manager to Join Our Dream Team

Job Type: Full-time, permanent

Calling all customer service leaders! We're looking for a Customer Service Manager who loves a challenge and is always striving for success. If you're a customer service expert with a history of delivering top-notch results, then this amazing opportunity with a tech start-up is your chance to shine.

As a Customer Service Manager, you’ll lead a team of Customer Service Representatives and ensure our clients’ needs come first. As the leader, you'll get to set strategy and work on process improvements.


  • Lead a team of Customer Service Representatives and make sure clients get great service
  • Train your team how to give great customer service
  • Improve our customer service processes
  • Fix customer problems and escalate them to the right people
  • Look at data to see where we can improve


  • 5 years of customer service experience
  • Experience leading and managing teams
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Can make decisions using data
  • Knows how to use customer service tools and technology
  • Good at solving problems and handling tough customer situations

We want someone who loves customer service and is always working to succeed. You like being part of a team and having fun while you work, and you're not scared of difficult projects. In return, we’ll offer a competitive compensation package and a supportive work environment.

If you meet the requirements and are excited about this opportunity, please send your CV and a cover letter to [insert contact email here].

Sample job description for a Paralegal:

Seeking a Skilled Paralegal to Join a High-Flying Insurance Company

Job Type: Full-time, contract

Ready for your next legal adventure? Join the crew at a top commercial property insurance company as a Paralegal. This 24-month contract role has the potential to turn into a permanent position.

As a Paralegal, you’ll support a team of attorneys and help coordinate work between departments. Your work will include helping with research, managing corporate filings, and keeping compliance in tip-top shape.


  • Review contracts
  • Do legal research and help meet compliance requirements
  • Work with different departments, acting as their contact
  • Help with internal company projects and train employees
  • Notarize paperwork and keep track of corporate filings


  • Completion of an approved paralegal certification program
  • 6 years of work experience at a law firm or in-house role
  • Willingness to travel and sometimes work outside of office hours

You should possess strong interpersonal skills and love working in a team environment. Your attention to detail, passion for the legal field, and commitment to providing top-notch support will be key to your success in this role. The job offers a warm and supportive environment, plus plenty of opportunities to advance

If you meet the requirements and feel this would be a good fit, we encourage you to send your CV and a cover letter to [insert contact email here].

Sample job description for a Warehouse Packer:

Join a Growing Team as a Warehouse Packer

Job Type: Full-time, temporary

Are you detail-oriented, passionate about accuracy, and success-obsessed? We’re currently seeking a Warehouse Packer to join a growing team on a temporary basis.

As a Warehouse Packer, you’ll be responsible for accurately and efficiently packing orders and preparing them for shipment. You’ll work closely with the Warehouse team to ensure that all orders are packed to our high standards and are ready for shipment on time.


  • Pack orders for shipment
  • Follow all warehouse safety procedures
  • Work closely with the Warehouse team to ensure that all orders are packed to a high standard
  • Communicate effectively with the Warehouse team to resolve any issues
  • Maintain a clean and organized work are


  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time and lift up to 50 lbs
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to follow warehouse protocols

We’re looking for someone dependable and team-oriented. You’re someone who can stick to processes, but you know how to work with others when questions arise. For this role, we can offer $25/hr and contributions to a health care plan.

If you’d like to apply, please send in your resume and three references to [insert contact email here]. We can't wait to see what you can bring to the team!


Final thoughts

Attracting quality candidates starts with a well-written job advertisement. It’s important for recruiters to remember the role that good job ads play - and know exactly what to include in them.

With these guidelines, you can tweak the job ads you put out there to get the attention of top talent. And better yet, you can feel confident you’ll end up with the right person for the job.