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The Pond: Revolutionising Recruitment Process with Vincere

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The Pond was established in 2006 based on the idea that there had to be a better way for freelance creatives to find regular work, be it temporary (freelance) or permanent (full-time). With headquarters in central Auckland and an experienced team of senior talent agents, The Pond represents a large selection of the best creative and digital talent working in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

“The Pond specialises in Marketing and offers freelancers for flexible bookings and contract placements. We provide transformational talent that can walk into a business day 1 and provide impactful output. That’s where we own it. Our clients don’t have to worry, they always have the assurance we’ve provided the best.”


Before Vincere, The Pond were using a number of recruiting tools; the problem was that these tools did not integrate together and resulted in more admin which made it difficult to get things done. “We were pretty manual in our approach, which wasn’t ideal,” said Ashan Marambe, Talent Agent & Marketing Coordinator at The Pond. “We were all over the place - Outlook, Excel and, a little bit of everything everywhere, which caused a lot of inefficiencies in our recruitment process.” “Implementing Vincere has really helped. Vincere sped up the process of talent sourcing and engagement. Communication between teams has also improved.”

When asked about the top three features in Vincere that significantly enhanced their recruitment process, the team at The Pond said:

1. Availability Management: “Availability is a game changer; especially for the turnaround time it has offered for managing and booking talent. Our speed to placement has dramatically improved."

2. Comments: “The comments section is great. Now, we have full transparency between us all.”

3. Custom Fields: “The ability to create custom fields means we are capturing the right information we need, with no crossovers.”


The results of using Vincere have been ‘absolutely outstanding’ for The Pond. They reported their biggest ever month in September just a few months post go-live with Vincere (Apr 2019).

“We’ve broken a new record. Sep 2019 is our biggest month ever.”

As for what’s next, the company is planning on expansion. “We’re gearing up for expansion. We’ve employed a new Talent Director, and we’re looking to grow over the next 12 months to keep up with the increased demand for our services.“

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