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The RecOS Explained

The #Recos Explained

Some of us still latch on to the comforts of legacy tech. Why? Because it’s safe, it’s familiar, and migrating to another platform, well... “It’s never the right time”.

But with rec tech moving at warp speed, it’s only a detriment to your business's true potential to stick with these ancient systems.

And holding on to these silos could just be the thing that’s holding you back. After all, they don’t want to see you grow.

So, what’s next?

We’re going to translate the RecOS into something a little more digestible for you.

What Exactly is a RecOS?

The Recruitment Operating System is an OS. Think about your phone – It has an OS.

It’s designed to run apps, whether you need to book a last-minute business trip, FaceTime a client, or spend hours scrolling Instagram. It can do pretty much anything.

A recruitment OS runs just the same.

The RecOS is your one-stop shop with expansive modules to empower, grow, and scale your front, middle and back office.

A whole universe of recruitment software all in one tech stack that multi-tasks to keep staff productivity and the number of placements high.

It’s a system that adapts to you.

Ask yourself: How’s your tech stack operating?

What systems and tools do you use right now?

  • Email
  • CRM
  • Website
  • Candidate Portals
  • Timesheets, Analytics
  • Invoicing, Payroll
  • Video interviewing

Are you missing out on the latest rec tech? How many of your tools really stack up?

Check out our ROI calculator and discover if your tech is really saving you time and money.

Your bottom line can take a serious hit from fragmented systems and aging technology. Meanwhile, consultants are drowning in busy work.

As a recruitment director or owner, you’re left in the dark.

No data = No visibility.

Take the opportunity to empower your consultants and equip them with the right tools to be their most efficient and you’ll see results.


It’s time for business leaders like you to make strategic decisions that are mission-critical to the bottom line.

Divorce these siloed systems and uncover the true cost of your recruitment tech stack.

They’ve taken up enough manpower and time.

Download our eBook for an in-depth look into the RecOS 🌌