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Video Interviewing: A Guide for Recruiters

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Thanks to modern technology, recruiters can connect with just about any candidate who has a WiFi connection. The rise of video interviewing as a talent acquisition strategy has given some consultants a cutting-edge advantage, while it’s stumped others.

When video interviewing for recruitment is done right, it can revolutionize your process. We’ve put together a video interviewing guide for recruiters to help you get it right.

If you’re ready to start thinking about increasing your video interview and outreach capabilities, we hope this guide will point you in the right direction.

1. What is video interviewing?

As hybrid and remote work have risen in popularity over the past few years, so has video interviewing. Like it says on the tin, video interviewing means using film and recordings to conduct interviews with candidates.

First let’s clarify the two main types of video interview formats.

Pre-recorded interviews offer a series of set questions for candidates to film their answers. There are usually time limits and chances to re-record. A key benefit of pre-recorded interviews is their potential for standardization. As a recruiter, you can use this tech to load a list of questions and give all candidates the same input for their questions.

Live video interviews are when a recruiter makes a video call directly to a candidate. The conversation can flow easily this way and recruiters can use better judgment about a candidate’s responses. But there’s no chance for a retake, and some candidates may feel nervous being put on the spot.

2. Benefits of video interviewing

  • There are many reasons to choose video interviewing as a recruiter:
  • Reducing time to hire
  • Lowering cost to hire
  • Ensuring a consistent interview process for more fairness
  • Recruiting across geographies and time zones
  • When automated, keeping applications incoming 24/7
  • Decreasing bias with interview standardization
  • Eliminating interview scheduling errors

The massive increase in video interviewing has increased opportunities for candidates, streamlined part of the hiring process for consultants, and offered new ways to get to know talent for clients.

If you’re intrigued, here are some more details to help you on your video interviewing journey.

3. What to look for in a video interviewing tool

Which tech to use? It’s a question that we cover a lot here at Vincere. When it comes to video interviewing tools, there are some general guidelines we recommend.

First, decide whether you’re going to invest in pre-recorded interviewing tech or use live interviews. This will make the biggest difference in which platform to go with. Live interviews can be done with a generic video call platform like Zoom or Skype. Pre-recorded interviews usually require a specialized tech platform but have the benefit of features like automated scheduling or question retakes.

Next, take a tour of some video interviewing platforms and have a think about:

Platform ease of use

  • How easy will it be to start using this tech?
  • Is this another program or password for your team to manage?
  • How will you measure user adoption?

Mobile optimization

  • Can you review videos from this tech on mobile?
  • Can candidates record answers on mobile?

ATS/CRM sync

  • Will videos from this platform be uploaded to your database?
  • If not, how will you track videos to profiles?
  • When clients view interview recordings, can you track them?

Configuration and branding

  • How configurable are the interview questions you can set up?
  • Does this platform let you standardize interviews?
  • Can you create multiple interview templates?
  • Will you put your logo and branding on the videos?

4. How the Vinneo interviewing platform powers recruitment agencies

We work closely with recruiters to develop our Recruitment Operating System, and used your feedback to inform the features in our video interviewing tool: Vinneo.

Vinneo offers both video interviewing tech and works as an outreach app, with videos synced back to Vincere’s Core CRM/ATS. It functions as part of the #RecOS, not as a separate platform.

Vinneo streamlines and intensifies the power of your interviewing and outreach methods:

  • Video interviewing | Reduce costly first interviews and screen candidates at scale with standardized interview templates. View video playbacks that sync to Candidate & Job records.
  • Outreach Chrome app | Personalize the sales and recruitment process with video messages. Send videos with one click via multiple channels (LinkedIn, email, SMS, or WhatsApp).
  • Embedded in LiveList™ | Provide a "first impression" before progressing to first interviews. Let Clients review Candidate videos easily via on-demand playback.

If you’re a Vincere customer interested in powering up your video capabilities, take a tour of what this tech tool has to offer.

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