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Vincere's Official Japan Launch of the Recruitment Operating System

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‘Customers First’: Vinny Strengthens Onboarding & Support for Japan

It's official. Vinny is now available for recruitment businesses in Japan. Read the original press release in Japanese on PR Times here.

But one thing's for sure: our journey and commitment to the recruitment market in Japan goes way back.

It didn’t start with the platform’s first design, which supported Japanese characters when other recruitment tech software didn’t.

It didn’t even begin with signing our first customer in Japan years ago.

It goes back further than that, to our CEO Bernie’s days working in Japan.

Bernie’s experience building a successful recruitment firm in Japan was key to the development of Vincere’s culture years later. We’re customer-obsessed and recruitment-focused, from the ground floor to top level management. Our commitment to our customers’ success has meant years of careful development of Vincere’s platform, deeply informed by recruiters’ specific needs.

After Vincere was founded and went on to build a customer base across the UK, EMEA & ANZ regions, we never forgot about Japan.

“We’ve spent a good amount of time cultivating a growing base of customers in Japan,” said Eloise Sutton-Kirkby, Vincere’s Director of Growth. “It’s taken careful effort, consulting with our customers & our Japanese team, to understand how to design the platform to meet the needs of the Japanese market. We’re constantly innovating for our customers, and are ready to lead the charge on Digital Transformation for Japan’s recruitment and staffing firms. We’re thrilled to finally have our official debut there.”

What works in one market won’t work for another, which is why Vincere has invested so much in developing its support for Japanese firms’ digital transformation.

Vincere is accelerating its business expansion into Japan by investing in sales and customer support structures. Our Customer Success team, already prepped with a long track record of successful data migration and continued customer support operations, has been expanded. This change has been to give the greatest specialist support team possible to our Japanese customers, from pre to post-sales onboarding, training and engagement.

Vincere has an aggressive focus on R & D and a busy roadmap planned for H2 2021. Our aim for reinvestment doesn’t stop there: our customers are key, which motivates us to go further to equip them with the best recruitment technology.

The moves that we’re making today will allow us to continue to grow across Japan and the APAC region, and to improve our customer experience. Guiding rec firms to more wins and more growth is our passion; that’s why we’re equipping Japan with the only Recruitment Operating System.