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vChat: Instant Messaging App Built for Agency Recruitment

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With vChat, recruiters get the best of WhatsApp, Slack, and more.

Read the full Press Release here.

Vincere, the leading SaaS CRM for recruiters, today unveiled vChat, the real-time messaging tool built for agency recruitment. A key addition to Vincere’s Cloud-based platform for recruitment agencies, vChat is the industry’s first real-time messaging platform that is built to work natively inside a recruitment CRM. 

Eloise Sutton-Kirkby, Direct of Growth at Vincere, commented, “We live in a world of instant Messaging. Look around, people don’t call anymore - we live on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger. Whether you like it or not, Email & SMS are no longer the mediums of choice for 2019. The world has changed and recruitment needs to catch up. That’s why we’ve designed vChat".

Sutton-Kirkby continued, “Think of vChat like WhatsApp or Slack, but built solely for recruitment. Teams that collaborate, make more money. Period. vChat allows teams to collaborate effectively and securely, all in 1 place. Got a hot job? Drop it into your vChat channel. Instantly collaborate with your team. An awesome candidate? Share across your team and get them interviewed everywhere, through your company.”

Designed to work synchronously inside Vincere, users of vChat will be able to:

  • Tag Candidate/Contact/Company/Job records

  • Create private and public channels

  • Send direct messages (including emojis)

  • @mention users

  • Send, share and delete files

vChat is offered as part of the Communication Hub in Vincere. To learn more about vChat, and it’s full capabilities, read the blog: Introducing vChat. 

About Vincere

Vincere is the emerging market-leader for recruitment technology, ranked #1 by Gartner in their recruitment industry Frontrunners report. Founded in 2012, Vincere is an out-of-the-box platform for the front/middle/back office operations for ambitious recruitment firms of all sizes. Designed as an all-in-1 platform, Vincere eliminates the overblown, lengthy implementations of legacy CRM providers. Born in the Cloud, Vincere is a true Saas, multi-tenant platform for recruitment in 2019 and beyond.