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Vincere x LogicMelon Job Posting Integration

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As recruiters, posting Jobs is an important facet of your daily life. Getting jobs out fast and candidates back in super quick can be the difference between a glass of champagne or an iced tea this coming Friday! 

With the new Vincere x LogicMelon integration, all you need to do is create a job ad and now you can instantly to post to thousands of job boards at the flick of a switch. Whether you’re posting to free sites like Glassdoor and Indeed or premium job boards like CareerBuilder, Monster or Seek, you can post and manage the job campaign directly from inside the Vincere. In addition, all candidates are redirected back to Vincere or to a careersite of your choice*, speeding up the process exponentially to ensure that champagne is always in YOUR glass…

Kick off your sourcing efforts with LogicMelon and cast a wider net. LogicMelon supports thousands of job boards worldwide. To see the full list of job boards Logic Melon supports, visit

*Charges apply if you use a bespoke job board. If you choose to use the Vincere Quick Job board (Available for free in the Vincere App Store), NO charges will apply.

LogicMelon will be available in the Vincere App Store in Nov 2017. For more information about our job posting capabilities, email us at


P.S. Have any questions? Looking for an API key? Get in touch with Vincere Support