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About Brand New Sales


Brand New Sales brings leading companies and passionate sales together, and helps find that perfect match to drive optimum results. CEO, Arthur Balabrega has been running this successful recruitment firm since 2006 and believes the driving force and secret to unlocking business growth and efficiency is the people.

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Hilversum, North Holland
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How Brand New Sales transformed their business


“People are the key to growth,” explains Arthur. “You can have the best tech and tools in your arsenal, including the most well thought-out strategies ready to roll, but ultimately it’s only when you’ve got the right people in place can the business soar. 

I am in this business because I am passionate about making a perfect match between the candidate and employer. If people aren’t placed in the right role, with the right fit, in the right company, they will unlikely reach their maximum potential. Likewise, for the company, without the right person, growth is stifled. 

Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine, so when my partner asked if I wanted to co-venture a recruitment business back in 2009, I jumped at the opportunity - and essentially that’s how Brand New Sales was born.”



Advent of GDPR: The search for an innovative and feature-rich platform


Prior to Vincere, Brand New Sales used SugarCRM for 10 years. Arthur made it clear that as much as it was good as a database, it did not have features that could help manage the end-to-end recruitment process. He needed more.

“SugarCRM back then was the next best alternative to Salesforce. It was a decent CRM and it was cloud-based. I really liked it, but the only reason I liked it so much was because I built custom features and integrations on top of it, to make it work exactly the way I needed it to work - like an ATS.” explained Arthur.

These custom designed and developed features meant that besides running his business, Arthur had to spend extra money and time maintaining his so called ‘tech stack’. It was only when privacy laws tightened in light of GDPR, that marked the final straw.

“When GDPR came around, I knew that it was going to be a real headache and hassle if I stuck to SugarCRM. That was when I decided that it was officially time for a switch.”

Arthur did extensive research online, looked at demos of several local vendors including Bullhorn, but there just wasn’t a system that could match up to what he had already built on top of SugarCRM. It was an exhaustive and frustrating two month search. He finally combed through reviews on software review sites and that was when he found Vincere.

“I took a live demo of Vincere and instantly I fell in love with the feature stack.”



Leveraging Vincere to move from reactive to strategic


Arthur used to spend 10-15 hours per week customizing and improving features to support his recruitment activities. In his own words, this has cost him “sleepless nights and tons of money.”

“It was only after I switched to Vincere that I realized the unnecessary amount of money and time I’ve poured into trying to make a system that wasn’t built for recruitment work for recruitment.”

For example, Arthur leverages the Engagement Hub, an out-of-the-box website stack with a built-in candidate portal to post jobs and get candidates to apply - no coding required. Arthur also raved about Velocity, the LinkedIn chrome extension app that helps with candidate search and sourcing.

“Vincere granted me sanity, a night of peaceful sleep and peace of mind. Now, I can focus on more strategic activities, activities that help grow my business and make money.”

Most recently, Arthur successfully launched an industry-first live webinar series - a new strategic campaign for Brand New Sales. This recruitment webinar campaign brings together employers and candidates to help each other find a ‘perfect match’.

This level of engagement with clients and candidates is something that he wasn’t able to do with his previous system.



En route towards a great partnership


Arthur needed recruitment software with specific features for his recruitment firm, and Vincere was the answer. On top of this, he values the partnership and is excited for the scalability of Vincere alongside his business.

“Vincere has the hallmarks of a great recruitment software vendor. The people at Vincere are very approachable. It’s also managed by a team of people who ‘get’ recruitment. The features of the platform impressed me along with the cost-savings I’ve made and what’s to come on the roadmap.“

“What excites me about my journey with Vincere most of all is the pace of innovation. I'm confident that I can accelerate the growth of Brand New Sales now that Vincere takes care of my tech by providing all the cutting edge technology I need.”




It was only after I switched to Vincere that I realised the unnecessary amount of money and time I’ve poured into trying to make a system that wasn’t built for recruitment work for recruitment.



Arthur Balabrega

CEO at Brand New Sales

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