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About Legalis


Legalis is a US-based recruitment firm with a 25-year reputation as a world leader in matching law firms and leading corporations with the top professionals globally.

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How Legalis increased productivity by 40%


Ellen Hayes, Managing Director at Legalis is dedicated to providing strategic advice on practice groups and entire firm acquisition & mergers, and passionate about delivering results on the most complex searches worldwide. Last year, she reached a point where her current system was lacking in features that were specific to the business needs, and went on a search for a platform that would help her manage the entire recruitment lifecycle easily.


An extensive search for a proper CRM


Before Vincere, Legalis was using Taleo to manage recruitment - but a major pain-point was that it wasn’t built for recruitment and staffing agencies. Legalis wanted to elevate their services by building quality relationships with clients, however, it proved to be a main challenge as it fundamentally lacked a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature.

"Whilst Taleo was decent as an ATS, it had zero CRM functionality, we wanted to maximise our business development and marketing efforts, but weren’t able to do that without a proper CRM."

The team at Legalis embarked on a long extensive 18 month search to find the right recruitment platform before they found Vincere.

"Vincere’s CRM gives us the ability to visualize the entire business development pipeline on one single dashboard. This is very much aligned to our efforts for ongoing management and measurement of these relationships. I am confident that Vincere pipeline-driven interface will help us foster loyal and long-lasting connections with current and prospective clients alike."


Leveraging on automation


According to Ellen, it was a massive productivity killer as everything had to be manual - from the uploading of resumes, posting of jobs through to general editing of job adverts and candidates profiles. Plus, there were extremely limited integrations for 3rd party apps to support background checks, video interviewing and social media service which they needed. Vincere offered a different experience: everything was automated and integrated.

"By using the Candidate Portal, candidates can register and log in to manage their own profiles at any time, and this includes an out-of the-box personal/privacy settings feature for GDPR compliance which syncs back to the CRM/ATS. Given the state of tech today, you want a platform that is integrated and offers you the flexibility to easily sync information to other systems as well. I’m glad to say that Vincere does that really well and especially so, with their mobile app and built-in invoicing feature."


Towards business transformation & growth


Looking forward, Ellen and the team at Legalis are excited to tie in the best practices workflows that Vincere offers together with their business processes.“Previously, many aspects of our business and data were kept in separate ‘vaults’. Now, everything is in one centralised and collaborative location.”

"If you’re looking for a recruitment platform, definitely consider Vincere. Their after-sales support is as personalized as the sales pitch. You’ll find yourself en-route towards a true transformation for your recruitment business."




If you’re looking for a recruitment platform, definitely consider Vincere. Their after-sales support is as personalized as the sales pitch.



Ellen Hayes

Managing Director at Legalis

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