Want to increase

Candidate Flow?

#2 Enemy for Growth

for recruitment businesses

*2019 Global Industry Report: Scale or Fail.
vincere candidate portal

01/ Candidate Experience

Candidates demand immediacy, real-time updates
& a friction-less job application process. Are you giving Candidates the experience they seek? 

Empower Candidates.

One portal; easy-to-use, easy-to love. 
✔ Self-guided onboarding
✔ See all applications and job
✔ job alert subscriptions
✔ Self-serve access & ability to update profile
Vincere google for jobs

02/ Google for Jobs

Can your business be found online? Is your website 'Google for Jobs' ready?

Pre-optimised for Google

All job ads posted are 'Google for Jobs' ready.
✔ Structured Data Markup
✔ Sitemap
✔ Search Console
vincere indeed search

03/ Sourcing

LinkedIn is the #1 channel recruiters use to find more candidates. Are you using tools that can help you source effectively?

What about your recruitment system? Does it have built-in sourcing tools to help reduce data entry?

Sourcing on Steroids.

In seconds, browse resumes of millions of candidates from Indeed & LinkedIn. Add them to your database in one easy click.

04/ Track Candidate Source ROI

Do you know where your best candidates are coming from? By source? By placement rates? By fees? 
Know where your money is going & which source is giving you the maximum returns.

Keep tabs on ad spend. Maximise your ROI.

See what's working and what's not. Know exactly where to put your money to get the best conversions.
vincere radius search

05/ Search

Are you limited by the search capabilities of your recruitment software / database?
Search accurately & efficiently with the market-leading search tool:
✔ automatching
✔ text + Boolean search
✔ resume / document search
✔ radius search or geo searches
✔ table searches
✔ custom field search
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