03/ Sourcing

LinkedIn is the #1 channel recruiters use to find more candidates. Are you using tools that can help you source effectively?

What about your recruitment system? Does it have built-in sourcing tools to help reduce data entry?

Sourcing on Steroids.

In seconds, browse resumes of millions of candidates from Indeed & LinkedIn. Add them to your database in one easy click.

05/ Search

Are you limited by the search capabilities of your recruitment software / database?
Search accurately & efficiently with the market-leading search tool:
✔ automatching
✔ text + Boolean search
✔ resume / document search
✔ radius search or geo searches
✔ table searches
✔ custom field search
Want to see Vincere in action?
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Vincere is the CRM/ATS for ambitious recruitment firms. 

Founded in 2012, Vincere is designed specifically for recruitment companies covering Perm, Contract & Executive Search, with built-in front, middle and back office capabilities. Vincere’s action-driven interface prompts, prods and pushes recruiters towards the one thing that truly matters: Placements. 

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