Supercharge Candidate Sourcing 

With multi-job posting, get your job in front of millions of candidates in just one click.

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Customizable Job Application Forms

Set up custom applications form in your job portal. This data is then fed back into Vinny for you to view when shortlisting candidates. 

Candidate Source Analysis


All candidate & lead sources are tracked automatically in Vinny to give you an in-depth understanding of your ROI on all recruiting investments.

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Applications Flow Back to Vincere


Receive candidates directly inside Vincere, ready for you to action.

Features to help you get jobs out and candidates in - fast

Get the exposure you need to maximize reach and fill jobs effectively.


Get new job orders in quickly

Use Quick Add to create a new job record or copy from another job.


Leverage job board aggregators 

Pre-integrated with LogicMelon, Broadbean and Idibu.


Post directly to Indeed and Seek

Save time and get your jobs posted to popular local, niche and premium job boards.


Filter with screening questions

Create screening questions and access candidates based on desired criteria.


Post to your website's career page

Use our API to send new jobs to your website automatically.


Track candidate source ROI

Job boards are expensive. Invest wisely - know which job advertising channel works best.

Utilize Vinny's out-of-the-box job portal

Don't have a website yet? Use our out-of-the-box job board portal and get your jobs up and visible in minutes. It's fully-branded, mobile-responsive and syncs directly to Vincere.

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One platform to accelerate growth.

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