Vincere + (LinkedIn + Linkmatch) = Happy Recruiters

Double-whammy Product Update: Vincere introduce LinkedIn Search and nifty Linkmatch add-on

Search: we’re obsessed with it. It’s why Vincere is proven time and time again to have the market-leading search tool, as validated by our customers. And things are about to get interesting with a release of a double whammy of LinkedIn integrations: LinkedIn Search and Linkmatch (the nifty new app you’re going to love)

Recap: just last month, we launched Indeed Search - an in-app integration which allows you to search world’s biggest jobboard and import resumes in a click.That’s on top of all of the standard search tools already available: radius, Boolean, custom field and text search to name a few.

To start 2017 as we mean to go on, here are 2 new additions for you to get your teeth into. Note: like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, these two work best when you use them together:

1. LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn is an essential part of the recruiter toolkit - and now you can search across all of LinkedIn from directly inside Vincere.

Think of this as an ‘x-ray’ search hack. Simply input your search criteria and Vincere gives you a full list of LinkedIn profiles from Google. On top of this:

  • Save LinkedIn criteria inside Vincere: get dynamic, realtime lists of complex searches in a single click. If someone has recently updated their LinkedIn profile, they’ll automatically be pulled into your search.

  • Candidate audit: run searches in Vincere and check that the candidate CV matches their LinkedIn profile before you send it out to a client.

  • Avoid duplicates: run searches in LinkedIn and Linkmatch (keep reading) will flag up if the candidate already exists inside Vincere

  • Enhanced search capabilities – quickly find LinkedIn profiles for people working at companies already in your Vincere company records database

2. LinkMatch

Make candidate sourcing on LinkedIn much more efficient using the Vincere-LinkMatch plugin. Linkmatch automates LinkedIn sourcing by telling you if the candidate already exists in Vincere.

A green tick means yes- the candidate already exists, while a red cross means no - you can add this candidate to Vincere database. An easy way to save time and prevent duplicates. Linkmatch is coming to the Vincere Appstore soon.


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