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Vincere Faceted Search

Shop your database

Drill down quickly using facets. By Skills, Job Titles, Industries, Availability, Null Fields & more. No more guesswork. No boolean required.

Geo-Search in a Unique Map View

Geo locate and visualize candidates close to Job locations in a unique map view. Then quickly shortlist Candidates to jobs or book to temp assignments immediately. 

AI Powered AutoMatching - Advanced Searc

AI-Powered Automatching

Using smart AI and automatching, Vinny combs your entire database and unearths similar Candidates in seconds. Easily find Candidates best matched to your job's requirements so you can focus your time on what you do best: making placements.

Inbuilt Operators Auto Add as You Type

No need for learning Boolean strings, simply type the keywords and Vinny adds the operators for you. You then adjust to narrow or broaden your search. Save and share searches across teams to spread the love. 

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You don't need a boolean blackbelt to be a master of search

Discover the powerful functionalities of Vincere's multi-dimensional search tool.


Automatch Candidates to jobs

Find Candidates that match jobs at the click of a button with automatch. Why complicate it?

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No boolean knowledge required

As you type, we auto add boolean formatting and operators to your search query

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Find similar Candidates

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Fuzzy is no longer just software sales speak

Found your perfect Candidate but they are unavailable? No worries, Vinny search will find similar Candidates in a single click. 

Use fuzzy search to include results with misspelled keywords, accidental typos and spelling variations.

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Wildcard searching too

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Greater control & flexibility

Maximise your search to include results with different variations of a root word.

Fine-tune your search results with pre-set filters to exclude placements, and active temps & contractors.

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Save searches

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Go from search to action in minutes

Set up and save searches for later use. You're always prepared to pull up a list of qualified Candidates.

Take actions directly from your search results: export, shortlist, send & more.

Fuzzy, 'IS NULL', Wildcard & Field Searching

We cater for all types of search wizards, from the  very new to Boolean wizards. Build and save your best search strings in seconds, exclude placements or include contractors finishing this week, Vinny search is your weapon of mass extraction. 

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"With Vincere, we are ten steps ahead of the competition." 

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Jayson Theron

Managing Director at Outside Capital

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