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This Vincere Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between HiringBoss Holdings Pts Ltd (“The Company”, “us” or “we”) and users of the Vincere Services (“The Customer”, you”) governs the use of the Vincere platform under the provisions of the Terms of Service (the “Terms”).

Unless otherwise provided herein, this SLA is subject to the provisions of the Terms.

1. Availability of Interface

1.1 The Interface shall be made available to the Customer together with related components and Customer owned content as set out below.

1.2 The Company will take all appropriate measures in terms of redundancy, monitoring and platform management to make the Interface available via the Internet 99.5% measured annually from the go live date. The uptime is calculated by subtracting from 100 the percentage of 5 minute periods during the service year in which the Interface is unavailable. The events set out in the Section 5 of this Service Level Agreement and Planned Maintenance shall be excluded from the calculation of availability of the Interface.

2. Security

2.1 The following infrastructure and security is provided at the cloud data of Amazon Web Service EC2 cloud. The Company reserves the right to change the data centre during the Contract Term, provided that any new data centre provides at least the same level of services and security as the current data centre.

2.2 The Company provides web servers, application servers, database servers and physical data storage in which data is stored in a secured redundant multi-drive configuration that provides mirrored storage and the necessary software to host the Interface. Each of the services is architected to be secure and contains a number of capabilities that restrict unauthorized access or usage without sacrificing the flexibility that Customers demand.

2.3 The hosting services are provided in a secure, limited access environment which is ISO 27001 certified. The data centres the Company utilize are state of the art, utilizing innovative architectural and engineering approaches which include Fire Detection, Redundant Power, Climate Temperature control, and Electrical/Mechanical Management. The Company provides significant protection against traditional network security issues which includes Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS Attack), Man In The Middle (MITM Attack), IP Spoofing, and Port Scanning. If the Customer reasonably doubts the security of the data centre, the Customer may instruct an independent third party to check the security systems at the data centre, it is entitled at its own cost and provided that the Customer reimburses the Company for all costs it incurs in assisting with such inspection, in Particular any fees that the Company must pay to the data centre, to inspect the hosting facility. Access to the data centre infrastructure will be at the sole discretion of Amazon Web Service EC2 Cloud.

2.4 Access to the data centre is limited to specific staff members and a select number of production support specialists and information technology specialists, who may only access the data centre to perform routine maintenance and Upgrades.

2.5 The Company provides the following 24 x 5 monitoring of resource utilization, operational performance, overall demand patterns, CPU utilization, disk read and writes and network traffic.

2.6 All Company servers are protected by firewall appliances. All servers accessible from the Internet are located in a DMZ. Servers storing Customer Data or User Content are located within the protected network. All servers are installed with the latest security patches and are hardened as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

2.7 The Company makes daily backups.

3. Support Services

3.1 Support services shall include maintenance of the Interface including corrective maintenance and enhancements and a customer support service for the Interface as set out below.

3.2 Maintenance and support services shall not be provided for issues arising from modifications, alteration or configuration of any of the Maintenance Services by the Customer or a third party that have not been authorised in writing by the Company; and/or technology or IPR that has not been provided by the Company pursuant to the Agreement.

3.3 The Company can provide support services from multiple support centres which are available to named support users. Support services are available in English only. Technical Problems may be reported to the support centre through the support portal ( or email escalation. Phone Support is currently not provided but can be used by the support team to contact clients where appropriate.

4. Problem Resolution

4.1 While The Company attempts to respond to all issues in a timely manner, issues that hurt The Company's customers' production applications (i.e. Critical, High severity) take priority. "Production" is defined as an instance of The Company's software actively used by the customer's business users it does not include testing systems or production staging systems or environments. An incident ticket is assigned a level of severity based on the nature of the issue.

4.2 Initial response is defined to be the first contact by a Customer Success Team Member after the issue has been logged and a ticket generated through the Support Portal ( A status update will be communicated to the customer if the issue cannot be resolved immediately. A final follow-up with the Customer occurs on the resolution date. The Customer acknowledges that not all Medium and Low severity issue will require a workaround. The Company may, in its reasonable discretion, respond to a Medium and Low severity issues by making the Error a feature request.

For Critical and High issues, The Customer shall initiate contact with The Company Support via the Support Portal ( and indicate the probable category of the incident.

5. Maintenance Services

5.1 The company will need to perform planned or emergency maintenance and upgrades from time to time. There may be some need for configuration and additional user training in order to obtain the maximum benefit of the new features. Releases do not significantly impact the existing technical setup of the Customer or training materials. Releases are numbered as follows: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.

5.2 The Company usually carries out Planned Maintenance at weekends or in the evenings. If Planned Maintenance is to be performed outside of these times the Company shall give the Customer at least 48 hours prior notice.

5.3 The Company shall where possible, provide the Customer with prior notice of Emergency Maintenance. The Company shall attempt, but cannot guarantee scheduling Emergency Maintenance during non-business Hours.

6. Limitation of Liability

The Company shall not be liable for, and shall have no obligation to fix, any errors, incidents, problems or Bugs or any lack of availability of the Solution or Services caused by the following:

6.1 Use of the Interface on a system not supported by the Company or specifically agreed in writing in this Agreement. The Interface is currently designed to function with the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

6.2 Unavailability of telecommunications.

6.3 Faults or omission of ISPs causing an internet link between the Customer and the Company to be broken.

6.4 Any lack of connectivity caused by a third party not affiliated to the Company.

6.5 Any Bugs or defects in any third party software that interacts with the Customer’s data once it leaves the Company’s data centre.

6.6 Any denial of service attacks, network floods and hacking not attributed directly to the Company’s data centres.

6.7 Interconnection of the Interface with other software products not supplied by the Company except as expressly agreed in writing in this Agreement.

6.8 Any DNS issues not within the direct control of the Company i.e. a fault on the Customer’s network or own equipment configuration.

6.9 Problems or errors that occur while the Company is waiting for the Customer to provide information to enable it to rectify a fault or restore services.

6.10 Faults caused by the Customer’s management or connection to the Interface

6.11 The Customer failing to take part in or request training from the Company, which is necessary for use of the Interface.

6.12 A Force Majeure event.