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Current as of 1st April 2021

To support delivery of our services, HiringBoss Holdings PTE T/A and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Vincere”, “We”, “Our”) engages and uses data processors with access to certain customer data (each, a "Subprocessor"). This page provides important information about the identity, location and role of each Subprocessor.

The following tables identifies the subprocessors currently authorized by Vincere to process data on behalf of Vincere.


Vincere as Data Processor
Subprocessor Screenshot 1
Vincere as Data Controller
Subprocessor Screenshot 2
Vincere Marketplace
Subprocessor Screenshot 3

As our business grows and evolves, the Subprocessors we engage may also change.

A customer may object to the use of a new subprocessor by notifying HiringBoss Holdings PTE T/A promptly in writing within ten (10) business days after receipt of Vincere’s notice by writing to

If a customer does not object during such a time period, the new subprocessor(s) shall be deemed accepted in line with the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement. HiringBoss Holdings PTE T/A shall use reasonable efforts to address or resolve any reasonable Customer objection(s).