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Engage At Every Stage with Video Messaging

Personalize every step of the recruitment process with video, from prospecting to sharing interview feedback. Here are some of the ways recruiters are winning with Vinneo:


✅ Promote vacancies ✅ Present Candidates to Clients
BD outreach Check-ins with key accounts
Pre-interview 'good luck' messages Contractor & Candidate aftercare
Interview feedback Request testimonials
Video email signatures Happy Birthday Candidate & Client videos

No Lights? No Camera? Action!

With Vinneo, all you need to create great videos is our Video Outreach Chrome extension, a webcam and something to say.

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Video messaging can bring 10x higher conversion rates

A quick way to take your outreach strategy from cold to bold.

Boost engagement, drive conversions and stand out from the competition.

Keep it personal


All the features you need to record and share engaging videos


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Chrome App

Quickly record messages from the comfort of your browser.

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Personalize every message

Open with a friendly face or a screen share of your choice. You’re in complete control.

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Choose your thumbnail

Stand out in a crowded inbox with an attractive video snapshot.

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Instant HD

Create and send high quality videos for a lasting first impression.

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Send in seconds

Spread the word in no time with just one click.


Multi-channel distribution

Send your message via email, SMS, WhatsApp or LinkedIn.

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