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#WishesDelivered From Vinny to you

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'Tis the season of giving... 🎄

And in the true festive spirit, the Vinny elves have been hard at work all year round.

To deliver features and updates that have been at the top of your Vinny Wish List.

Over the past year, we’ve focused on YOU. To deliver small yet impactful improvements to your overall Vinny experience.

Here's a round-up of the top 10 features we shipped out for you this year: 

1. Configurable Layouts for Company and Contact Records

You wanted more flexibility to customize records so here it is.

Now, you can set up views that work best for you and see your most important and most used fields.

We also took this opportunity to enhance performance and loading speeds by redesigning the interface

Easily expand or minimize Company and Contact records instead of swapping between tabs.

2. Job and Company Compliance

You wanted better measures to manage compliance, we heard you.

We've added the option for you to put hard stops in Vinny to prevent non-compliant companies (I.e. companies that have not signed Terms yet) and non-compliant candidates (candidates with missing, unverified, and expired documents) from being placed in a job.

You're also able to:

  1. Set levels of compliance for job onboarding documents either as Nice-to-Have, Warning, and Mandatory
  2. Search for candidates with mandatory documents
  3. Easily filter companies that are compliant versus non-compliant.

3. Custom Columns

You wanted more configuration options to see the fields that are most important for you.

Say hello to Custom View. This allows you to customize your own field columns on Candidate, Job, Contact, and Company tables.

4. Remove Applications

Instead of moving Applications to the Reject stage, you’re now able to remove Applications, I.e. undo a move from the Shortlisted, Sent, and Interview Stages.

This also helps with the accuracy of stats reflected in the ATS pipeline.

5. Merge Contacts

When you need to pull up contacts fast, duplicates make contact management ineffective.

Now you can merge contacts, preview, and select data to keep and combine them into one. Nice and easy.

6. Add Attachments to Email Templates

Consider it done. You can now add attachments to email templates.

You won’t have to upload the same file to emails over and over again...and you’ll never forget to send attachments again.

7. Send Documents to Candidates at any stage

Previously, when sending a Job to a Candidate, you could only send job description files.

Now you’ve got the power to send over docs to Candidates at any stage. This upgrade offers more flexibility in the type of documents you can send directly to candidates.

8. Consolidated Activities Filter By Activity I By User

You asked for a centralized view of all activities. Now you have full visibility to track and manage everything that goes on inside Vinny.

Cut through the influx of Activities happening across the platform. Drill down by activity or by user in one click.

9. On-demand Video Playbacks | LiveList™

This has been requested A LOT.

Now you can offer Clients more than just text. Put your best Candidates forward on an interactive dashboard a.k.a the LiveList™️ with on-demand video playbacks.

Vinneo is the only video technology that lives natively inside Vincere’s #RecOS workflows.

10. Change Email Address in TimeTemp

A simple update that makes a difference.

Now you can change your Contacts email address on TimeTemp without the back and forth. Updates with less fuss.

We look forward to bringing you new features and upgrades in 2023 and beyond.

Thank you for sharing your wishes 💖

Peace, blessings and enjoy the best of Vinny 🎄