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A New Frontier in Client Experience

The modern way to showcase Candidates and collaborate with Clients: the LiveList™

Launch Candidate Profiles...

Showcase the best Candidates to your Clients.

What Clients see: an interactive dashboard with Candidate profiles, videos, documents, ratings & more.

What you get: smooth collaboration, instant feedback.


...And Let Clients Navigate

Add compliance documents, interview videos, custom tags & more. Set competencies with input from Clients and watch live ratings feed back.

Use the LiveList™ linked to Jobs or spec out Candidates to Clients.

Mobile Experience in Hand

The LiveList™ is mobile optimized for the way recruitment works today. Keep the pipeline moving with taps, swipes and pings.

Meet your Clients where they are: on their phones.


Total Flexibility.
Privacy by Design

Instant access or password-protect? You decide. Redact Candidate info and protect from data breaches or from hiring bias.

All it takes: a flick of a switch.

Out of the box. Always.

Make the LiveList™ a permanent part of your premium service for Clients.

In-built into every Vincere account. No setups or add-ons.

Toggle it on, set it live and watch it go.


Simple to use.
Deep in functionality.

Peek into the beyond with everything that Vincere’s client collaboration portal can do.


Simplify compliance docs

Send any documents with Candidate profiles, from right to work docs to visas.


Be in the know with notifications

Get alerted when Clients are viewing the LiveList™ via push notifications. Call them while they're hot.


At-a-glance stats 

From number of Candidates to employer spread, empower Clients to make informed hiring decisions.