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A New Frontier in Client Experience

The modern way to showcase Candidates and collaborate with Clients: the LiveList™

Launch Candidate Profiles...

Showcase the best Candidates to your Clients.

What Clients see: an interactive dashboard with Candidate profiles, videos, documents, ratings & more.

What you get: smooth collaboration, instant feedback.


...And Let Clients Navigate

Add compliance documents, interview videos, custom tags & more. Set competencies with input from Clients and watch live ratings feed back.

Use the LiveList™ linked to Jobs or spec out Candidates to Clients.

Mobile Experience in Hand

The LiveList™ is mobile optimized for the way recruitment works today. Keep the pipeline moving with taps, swipes and pings.

Meet your Clients where they are: on their phones.


Total Flexibility.
Privacy by Design

Instant access or password-protect? You decide. Redact Candidate info and protect from data breaches or from hiring bias.

All it takes: a flick of a switch.

Out of the box. Always.

Make the LiveList™ a permanent part of your premium service for Clients.

In-built into every Vincere account. No setups or add-ons.

Toggle it on, set it live and watch it go.


Simple to use.
Deep in functionality.

Peek into the beyond with everything that Vincere’s client collaboration portal can do.


Simplify compliance docs

Send any documents with Candidate profiles, from right to work docs to visas.


Be in the know with notifications

Get alerted when Clients are viewing the LiveList™ via push notifications. Call them while they're hot.


At-a-glance stats 

From number of Candidates to employer spread, empower Clients to make informed hiring decisions.


Supported in multiple languages

Present Candidates on an international stage. Speak the language your clients love.


Automated interview scheduling

Give clients the power to initiate interviews and let Vincere take care of the rest.


Differentiate your brand

Take ownership of the LiveList™ with your firm's branding & present it as a unique service / product.


Share video interviews

Provide video first impressions...reduce costly first interviews. On-demand playbacks available anytime.


Safeguard Candidates' data 

Keep tight control of accessibility with password-protection as desired. Deactivate in a single click.

"Emails are a thing of a past. The LiveList™ has given us a fresh way to engage with our clients. Now our clients have the power to securely access full candidate information, right at their fingertips."

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Michael Mandic

Partner at Anderson Wise

Part of Vincere Portals

Available to all Vinny customers, LiveList™ is the first step into our Client & Candidate experience suite.

Take the next leap: Extend your website with our Job, Candidate & Client portals.

There's a universe to explore.


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Recruitment OS?

Recruitment terms & glossary:


What is a client collaboration portal?

Client Collaboration Portal is an online platform where recruiters can easily manage communication with their clients. It helps simplify workflow and improve client experience - by enabling them to view and download documents, share files, organize and manage candidate information. In a nutshell, these portals allow recruiters to interact with clients and collaborate seamlessly.


Why do recruiters need a client collaboration portal?

Now we know that a  client collaboration portal is a powerful tool for agencies to work with clients more effectively, are there any other implicit benefits that agencies should consider when using it?

1. Build stronger relationships with clients

Instead of communicating via email, contacts, or social platforms, with a client collaboration portal, both parties can work in one space - with access to all necessary documents at their fingertips.

This type of client experience management is critical in establishing a long-lasting and positive relationship, and there’s nothing more professional than the client having their own working space. In addition, it can lead to higher satisfaction rates as clients feel appreciated, which helps you stand out from the other recruiters in the market.

​2. Efficiently manage candidate submissions

Managing shortlisted applicants won’t be a hassle and time-consuming with a client collaboration portal - since they are saved and organized in one working hub. By eradicating these small activities, agencies can spend more time contributing their efforts to other important tasks such as filtering and evaluating candidates.

3. Create better workflow

Better workflow requires better procedures. With the help of client collaboration software, administrative tasks can now be managed and simplified for higher efficiency. Staffing agencies can easily keep track of clients, and all of the paperwork can be dealt with online. Such developments result in more room for specialized activities and specific results and milestones.


Not just a portal - Best practices for maximizing client collaboration

Optimizing client communication and managing workflow are just some of the potential challenges for recruiter following the adoption of a client portal. Below is a collective of best practices that staffing agencies can refer to when in need of troubleshooting solutions:

1. Communication is a key

Frequent contact is essential to retaining a long-lasting relationship with clients. That’s why you should make communication as accessible as possible - by setting notification alerts on apps and devices - so that you can connect and figure out any issues they may have immediately.

An efficient client collaboration also requires quick responses. Scheduling dedicated time slots for sending out responses to clients within 24 hours will have the issues addressed faster. As a recruitment agency, a professional writing style and clear explanation help build the client’s trust and confidence.

2. Get clients involved in the process

Visibility makes a project journey go a lot smoother. Leverage the functionality of inviting users via the project dashboard so they can keep track of tasks and deadlines.

3. Constant updates with client

A valuable way to efficiently collaborate with clients is through frequent updates on where the project is going. Nowadays, client collaboration portals come with sharing tools that allow recruiters to communicate candidate profiles or weekly or monthly reports. This way, clients can follow up and understand the project's status, which also improves the engagement between your agency and clients.

4. Create an online knowledge base for essentials

An online knowledge base provides a separate space for all important documents from clients, such as job requirements, branding identity (logo and trademarks), or internal guidelines. By building a site on a client collaboration portal to store or share files, recaps, and notes, team members and clients can keep up to date and on the same page when it comes to working.


Scale your recruitment agency’s business with Vincere’s client collaboration portal

You don't have to worry about "what's the next big thing" with the assistance of client collaboration software.
Instead, a consistent workflow with client collaboration sites can help your firm run more smoothly.

Vincere's client collaboration portal allows agencies to offer creative and tailored client experiences aligned with your brand while driving development for the company. With the portal in place, you can focus on growing a contemporary services company instead of worrying about the backend operations, such as invoicing, project management, and client communication.

In five minutes, you can create a client portal that matches your brand's vision, link it to your domain, and begin working with your clients in real-time.