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Reliable AI & Forecasting for Recruitment Businesses

Empower your teams with actionable insights today to hit the business goals of tomorrow.

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The AI Coach

Its name says it all. This AI-powered dashboard tells you the activities you need to do to hit targets.


An up-to-date view of booked, deferred & recognized fees across your entire business.

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The Forecaster 

A monster dashboard that shows your forecasted fees based on active jobs in Vincere.

A war chest of insights to grow your business

Vincere Intelligence takes the guesswork out of performance management by giving you actionable insights for better business performance.


See Ratios & Splits

Uncover strengths & weakness of each team or consultant by looking at metrics like 1st Interview : Placements, CVs Sent : 1st interview & more.


Get accurate fee forecasts

Without wrangling excel, get a handle on your 'Most Likely' & 'Best Case' fees at the click of a button.


Understand the value of active jobs


Get a visual overview of how much money each job is worth and which stage they are at in the pipeline.


Zoom in on easy placements

Know exactly which jobs and candidates you should work on for a quick win.


Gain a clearer picture of the pipeline

Built-in pipeline rotting feature helps eliminate clutter and shows which jobs and candidates are real.


Automatically tracks days to placement

A vital stat to watch and Vincere does that right out-of-the-box. The longer it takes, the slower you'll grow.

No More Waiting. Slice & Dice in Real-time

Apply filters to see what you need quickly. Drill down by brands, offices, teams, or even individual consultants. Get the answers you need instantly.

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“The powerful analytics offered by Vincere places the right insights in the right hands, at the right time.”