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7 Things You Need To Get Candidates To Apply On Your Recruitment Website
Candidate Attraction
5 mins
Oct 19, 2018
7 Things You Need to Get Candidates to Apply on Your Recruitment Website
What makes a great recruitment website? Where are the missing pieces to the puzzle? To answer these questions, we decided to scout around and see how the top recruitment firms are doing it.
Halcyon Knights Delivers Business Transformation Using Vincere
Press Release
3 mins
Oct 12, 2018
Halcyon Knights Delivers Business Transformation Using Vincere, the Disruptive SaaS for Recruiters
Vincere announced that they recently welcomed Australia’s largest dedicated technology recruitment practice, Halcyon Knights, as a new customer.
PRTR Selects Vincere To Support Growing Recruitment Services
Press Release
2 mins
Oct 05, 2018
PRTR Selects Vincere to Support Growing Recruitment Services Across Thailand
Vincere, the fast-growing recruitment SaaS announced that PRTR, Thailand’s largest recruitment and outsourcing company, has selected them as their partner.
Beresford Wilson Partners Select Vincere
Press Release
3 mins
Sep 28, 2018
Beresford Wilson & Partners Select Vincere to Power Growth
Vincere today announced that Beresford Wilson & Partners, the leading UAE-based recruitment specialist, has chosen Vincere as their recruitment technology partner.
Top 10 Questions To Ask Recruitment Software Vendors
Best Practices
9 mins
Sep 07, 2018
Top 10 Questions to Ask Recruitment Software Vendors (Plus 5 They Hate)
Ready to invest in a staffing platform? Learn which questions to ask recruitment software vendors – so as to find one that best fits your needs.
Gartner Rate Vincere No.1 Recruitment Software Vendor
Press Release
2 mins
Sep 05, 2018
Gartner Rate Vincere No. 1 Recruitment Software Vendor
Vincere today announced that they have been positioned as the leading FrontRunner of Frontrunners by Software Advice, owned by Gartner Inc.
Blog Change Nigeria Project The Not For Profit Recruitment Agency That Pays It Forward
Customer Spotlight
5 mins
Aug 10, 2018
Change Nigeria Project: The Not-for-Profit Recruitment Agency That Pays It Forward
We spoke to Neneh Umusu Founder of Change Nigeria Project to tell us more about what it means to run an agency that pays it forward and how...
Blog Vincere, The Disruptive Saas For Recruiters, Announces New GDPR Compliant Tool Stack (1)
Product Updates
3 mins
Jul 25, 2018
Vincere, the disruptive SaaS for Recruiters, announces new GDPR Compliant Tool Stack
New GDPR-specific features helps recruitment businesses attain, maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance.
(Katie) Blog Thumbnails Umbraco (26) (1)
Recruitment Trends
3 mins
Jun 22, 2018
Top 9 Recruiting Trends You Need to Know About
The process of recruiting has evolved. Stay on top of new recruiting trends to avoid missing out on great candidates.
(Katie) Blog Thumbnails Umbraco (3) (1)
Candidate Attraction
5 mins
Jun 15, 2018
Dealing with Rejection: What To Do When Your Candidate Says No
Learn how to respond to a candidate who turned down your offer. Understanding the reason and what to do might be the secret to securing your next placement.
Eden Scott Selects Vincere To Accelerate Market Expansion
Press Release
2 mins
May 18, 2018
Eden Scott Selects Vincere As Recruitment Technology Partner To Accelerate Market Expansion
Today, Vincere announced that Eden Scott, Scotland's leading recruitment business, has chosen Vincere as their technology partner of choice.
(Katie) Blog Thumbnails Umbraco (4)
3 mins
May 18, 2018
When did recruiters stop being ‘nosey parkers’?
A special guest post by Angela Cripps from Connemara UK When did recruiters stop being ‘nosey parkers’? For those of you that haven’t come across the term before, then a nosey parker is someone that is ‘an overly inquisitive person’.


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