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Year in Review

Vincere’s 2023 Year in Review I Product Highlights

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Gear up for a 2023 rewind with our Product Director, Kristy Gilham, and Product Manager, Matt Donnelly as they unpack the most impactful updates from the past year. Full of innovation, user-centric functionality, and, of course, those little improvements that make all the difference. 


It’s been a hustling and bustling sort of year for the team at Vinny and we’ve LOVED every minute of it.

We successfully delivered 170+ updates, enhancements, and brand-new features and 40% of those innovations came straight from the minds of our Vincere super users.

Let's rewind: 

1. Upgraded Talent Pools 

Sometimes we need to make changes internally, but that shouldn’t have to disrupt day-to-day workflows.

So, we built a control feature to help you manage your teams more efficiently.

Now you can transfer ownership of talent pools and distribution lists to another user.

You can even share talent pools and distribution lists with other teams.

It’s effortless and genius.

2. Updates to the Quick Add Job form

Recruiting for different Job types? We’ve made it so easy for you.

Customize your Quick-add job form by Job types, configure it just how you like it.

This means less noise and more flexibility for you to create, add, and send out a Job in seconds.

Rearrange, add, remove reorder. It’s all in your control.

3. Re-designed & Revamped CRM

This year we decided to give Vinny a serious glow-up.

We revamped the entire CRM with more activities, filters, smart views, activity pinning, the list goes on…

Updated so it’s easier to use, and fully configurable with lightning-fast speeds and fewer clicks.

You guys’ L-O-V-E-D it.

4. Bulk upload Candidate and Contact files

Compliance demands can be a pain in the ass.

Not to mention the busywork that comes with updating and uploading all of your Candidate docs.

That’s why we designed a feature so you can bulk upload files to a Candidate profile.

Work permit? Background check? Right to work?

Upload them all at the same time, in seconds.

We also added a few more touch-ups: choose the specific doc type, set an expiry date, and mark the file as the latest CV

5. New ‘Applications’ stage

Vinny customers, we know this feature was top of your list.

We added an entirely new ‘Applications’ stage to the chevron.

It gives you the ability to longlist candidates before sending them through to be shortlisted.

A more refined list to make it easier to find and send top-quality candidates.

6. Send Personalized Job lists to Candidates

Imagine this: you’ve got a few Jobs that have just come in, and you know the ideal candidates to send these out to.

Now you can create a list of relevant Jobs and send them out to as many as 100 candidates at a time.

Not only that, but you can personalize your outreach with branded email templates.

Personalize your approach and do it in less time.

7. Bulk update Skills and Expertise

Quickly update up to 100 candidates at once with:

• Industries & sub-industries
• Functional expertise & sub functional expertise
• Skills
• Keywords

A massive time-saver and allows you to keep your candidate database up to date in real-time.

8. Dynamic Browser Tabs

Now you can navigate Vinny from one single browser tab.

Easily identify which Candidate, Contact or Job record you have open, anytime.

Faster navigation = faster placements.

New Marketplace Partners 

It wasn’t just about what we could do – we knew in order to pack your rec tech toolkit with everything you wanted, we needed to team up.

We partnered with some of the top rec tech solutions🌶️on the market right now.

From AI-driven matching and screening to global multi-channel comms, we just wanted to make sure you’re covered front, middle to back.

Double-click for more info: 

What's coming in 2024 

We’re already kicking off the year with a 💥

Here are a few teasers:

  • Quick -add Company/Contact and Candidate
  • Brand new Candidates and Job profiles
  • New wildcards for email templates
  • More industry-leading marketplace partners

It’s not just about the platform upgrades, we’re creating an all-new feature portal that's designed with you in mind. Now, you can contribute ideas, vote 👍🏻 on your favorites, and watch as your suggestions come to life.  

👉 Double tap and bookmark this link because Vincere's 2024 journey is one you won't want to miss.

And that's only the beginning...

We’re ramping up our in-app training and support, so whether you’re a new starter or looking to upskill your team, this will help you master all features and functionalities to maximize productivity and use of Vinny.  

And because your input is invaluable, we’re introducing a VOC (Voice of Customer) program. This is a platform to share opinions, provide feedback, and pitch ideas that matter to you.

There’ll be lots of exciting things coming so mark your calendars as we’ve got more LIVE interactive webinars hosted by none other than our Vinny champs. These sessions will be jam-packed with insights, updates, and answers directly from the product team.

You’ve challenged us, built with us, and encouraged us to be the recruitment software you love for 2024 and BEYOND.

Cheers to you, our beloved Vinny customers🧡