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What's New in Vinny: Jun - Jul '22 Edition

What's New In Vinny Jun Jul '22 Edition

Vinny customers. We love you.

But words are nothing.

It turns out, in every successful relationship, it's the small actions that matter.


Taking out the trash.

Putting the cap back on the toothpaste.

Filling up the gas in the car.


It’s the big little details that speak volumes.

The small stuff that shows we care for you.

Every. Single. Day.


We’re here to be that tech partner for you, now and indefinitely forever.

For that happily ever after, let us sweat the small stuff for you.


Hear it from Kristy, Product Director at Vincere, on this product initiative we call The #VinnyLovesYou Sprint: A program where our product team focuses only on rolling out continuous updates to improve your #RecOS experience. 👉 Read her article here.


What are the ways we said “I love you” recently?

Here are highlights of the “big little details” we rolled out.

1. Rename Documents

A tiny change that goes a long way for your clients and candidates...

You can now edit the document name before sending out documents via Vincere email or SignRequest.

Simply edit in the document name field 👇

This is available on the following document builder templates:

  1. Candidate Documents
  2. Client (Contact) Documents / Contracts
  3. Client (Contact) Proposals
  4. Candidate Offers / Contracts
  5. Candidate / Client Renewal Contracts

2. Re-order Email Templates

Drag and drop to re-order the email templates within each section. We’ve also added the ability to sort templates alphabetically.

Once configured, the templates will be displayed in the same order for selection.

3. Update Location

Less. Repeated. Clicks.

Vinny admins, this one's for you 👇

Add all or remove all at once.

4. Control What Candidates See On The Portal

For those with documents that you do not wish to be shared on the candidate portal you can now decide what to show or what to hide. Easy.

5. Float Candidates (up to 100 at once)

No longer limited to only 10. You can now spec out up to 100 Candidates to Clients.

6. Applications Now Called Placements

No explanation required. It just makes sense!

Clicking on Placements will take you to Placed stage/chevron.

📅 Making placements in the Shift Scheduler?


7. Apply Different TimeTemp Info Per Candidate

Now when making bulk placements in the Shift Scheduler, you can configure different TimeTemp information for each individual Candidate then and there. e.g different Pay Types or On Cost settings

8. Update Info For Existing Placements

Before: In order to edit info of existing Candidate placements, you had to jump out of the Shift Scheduler to the placement record.

Now: you’ll be able to edit existing Candidate placements directly. No more fuss.

For the back-office team 🧡


9. Bulk update Invoice date

We’ve added the ability for you to update invoice date of multiple invoices in one move. This saves you extra clicks, effort and precious time.

10. Default payment terms

Before: You could only set Payment terms in TimeTemp Settings > Invoice settings

Now: Increased flexibility for setting up pay type fields at different levels: Candidate, Candidate Company (for Ltd) or Umbrella company level. This applies for Purchase & Self-Bill invoices.

11. Default Sales Tax

With this new invoice setting option, you can now apply Default Sales Tax not associated with Account codes to Sales invoices, Purchase invoices and Self-Bill invoices.

P.S. Have any questions? Get in touch with Vincere Support.