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Product Updates

What's New in Vinny March '23 Edition

Release March (1)

We always want you to know #VinnyLovesYou.

That’s why we’re back with a bunch of features you’ve asked for.

See what’s new 👇🏼

Core Updates

1. Placement Cancellation

 Now you can delete a placement within the Job record, without removing it entirely.

Select a reason for a cancelled placement from the list of reasons for you to configure and choose from.

Keep track and manage all cancellations from inside Vinny.


2. Export Placement Cancellation

Create a report that includes cancelled placements.

Export all cancelled placements within Vinny via the export scheduler.

Improved data visibility on all cancellations, dates, reasons, and additional comments.


3. Add comments to a placement

Add notes and comments to a placement record.

Pin and unpin any important comments so they're visible to others who view the placement record.

Keep everyone in the loop and up to speed.


4. GDPR: Email permission settings

Stay GDPR Compliant.

New settings for you to manage email subscription permissions for candidates and contacts. Set them as unsubscribed by default.  

Easily update email permissions for all candidates in a simple few clicks.

Note: This doesn't affect existing candidates and contacts within Vincere. Only new records you have added to the platform.


5. New Job Closed Date Column


Now you can see when a job has been closed and/or when the headcount has been filled.

Use the smart view and select ‘Closed Date’ for greater visibility on Candidates Job status.


Intelligence Updates


1. Report on your temp book by Branches


Now you can filter your reports on multiple branches in the Temp & Contractors dashboard.

Greater visibility on key metrics of consultants located in different regions.


2. Apply your own conversion rates


Better manage your temp book by applying your own conversion rates, instead of Vinny’s default rates.

The exported data from the Temps & Contractors dashboard now contains the original amounts, and currencies, for the pay, bill, and profit of temp placements.

Perform extra analysis of your Temp and Contractors’ data.


3. Monitor performance based on Groups


The data exported from several dashboards are now enriched with information on consultant’s Locations, Brands, Divisions, and Teams.

Export Intelligence data to better monitor each department’s performance.

You can export consultant’s department data from the following dashboards:

  • Temps & Contractors
  • Fees (both Booked and Actual)
  • Future Fees
  • Invoices


4. Full analysis on your AWR data

The AWR report now includes the Placement bill rate and information under Placement Owners.

Greater visibility on client rates and the consultants responsible for placements.


5. New Format of Date fields in the Export Data from the Goals dashboard

Updated format of the Date fields in the file exported from the Goals Dashboard.

Use MS Excel filters to filter in/out records based on date values rather than text values.


What else do you want to see on our roadmap this year? 

Let us know 👉🏼 here.