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Why is Vincere Pay & Bill now Vincere TimeTemp?

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Written by Doug Rowley, Pay & Bill Engagement Manager at Vinny.

Vincere has grown massively over recent years. We are no longer just a recruitment CRM; we've evolved into a Recruitment Operating System. Our vision from day one was to create an all-in-one platform to power your front, middle and back-office recruitment operations.

That vision has not why is Vincere Pay & Bill now Vincere TimeTemp?

Two reasons:

No. 1: Honesty.

Back in 2019, we plowed resources into building a timesheet module simply because contract and staffing Vinny customers were asking us for an integrated timesheet solution. Fast forward to today - after countless iterative releases – TimeTemp offers:

  • One secure portal for candidates, clients, and recruiters to review, reject/approve & manage timesheets, leave, and expenses

  • TimeTemp Worker App available on iOS & Android

  • DoorClock: time & attendance digital punch clock

  • Automated timesheets to invoice and billing

  • Payroll exports: schedule custom exports

  • Shift Management

In our latest Oct’22 update, we’ve added:

  • Absence: Mark as Absent

  • Send reminders to submit/approve timesheets

  • Export timesheet table as CSV

  • “Did not work” email notifications

  • Scheduled reminders for pending timesheets

In order to accurately reflect what our platform provides, why not just call it TimeTemp? It's a name thousands of candidates, workers, managers, and recruiters globally are already familiar with.

We've spoken openly about our ambitions for Vincere to become the clear leader globally in our space. Backed by The Access Group, with our combined expertise and resources, we're extremely well-positioned to innovate our solutions.

Building our own payroll solution was on the roadmap prior to joining the Access Group, Yet little did we know that we were soon to call FastTrack 360 family...which brings us to the second reason.

Reason No. 2: Payroll is on the roadmap

Payroll is extremely important for keeping a temp agency/contract running smoothly. Workers have zero tolerance for mistakes or delays when it comes to salaries, no matter how complicated the rules and regulations are. FastTrack’s powerful business platform has supported staffing agencies for almost 30 years, serving 5500+ users on their software.

By leveraging their deep expertise and technology in back-office processing, our customers can be assured that workers can be paid accurately and on time with great confidence. And we're talking two-way fully integrated pay and bill solution that effortlessly captures timesheets, calculates pay, and creates invoices all online for your contractor and PAYE workforce.

The best part? It's centralized on one platform: Vincere.

We're not quite there yet today and we can’t do this alone. The goal is to work closely with you, our customers, and our tech partners, to iterate and develop the best-in-market back-office solution for the recruitment industry. So whether you're at the stage where you're asking how to start a recruitment agency, scaling up your team and tech stack or optimising mature processes, Vinny is determined to cater to your specific needs.

Ready to learn more?

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