Executive Search 

Advanced retainer management through to micro-site client portals. 

Track goals, targets & KPIs

  • Monitor your team’s performance

  • Know who your top performers are

  • Drill down into detail to help consultants improve

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Manage Retainers Using our Invoice Scheduler

Quickly schedule the retainer tranches for invoicing and adjust on the fly. These are then sent automatically to clients and fed straight to analytics.

Meet Your New Secret Weapon, The LiveList™  

Designed specifically for Exec Search, this is your client portal that is specific to one search assignment. A new way of presenting a Long List to clients, this branded microsite drives client collaboration and elevates your service.


Banish those old school Excel 'Search Reports'...this is how leading Search firms operate in 2020, Vinny-style. 

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LinkedIn Sourcing

Find & add new candidates from LinkedIn. Drop them into talent pools or directly to projects. 

AI Search & Automatch

Use automatching or narrow down searches with our multi-dimensional advanced search tool.

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