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A Comprehensive Guide To Recruiting On Facebook In 2023
7 mins
Dec 21, 2022
A Comprehensive Guide to Recruiting on Facebook in 2023
Everything you need to know about Facebook recruitment: Why, how, and strategies for recruitment on Facebook. Best features and practices are also listed.
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Product Updates
2 mins
Dec 12, 2022
What's New in Vinny: Dec '22 Edition
Highlights of the big little details we rolled out in December '22.
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Candidate Attraction
9 mins
Dec 07, 2022
Recruiting Tips to Attract More Talent
If you're like most business owners, finding the right employees is essential to your success. Recruiting top talent can be a daunting task, but it's not impossible. In this blog post, we will discuss 20 tips that will help you find and hire the best employees for your business. Follow these tips, and you'll be on your way to building a winning team!
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Product Updates
3 mins
Dec 06, 2022
#WishesDelivered From Vinny to you
Top 10 most highly-requested features we shipped out for our beloved customers.
Talent Attraction A Recruiter's Guide To Strategic Sourcing
Candidate Attraction
6 mins
Dec 02, 2022
Talent Attraction: A Recruiter's Guide to Strategic Sourcing
Learn the basics of talent attraction - what it is, its importance - along with ideas to help build your sourcing plan and land the perfect candidates!
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4 mins
Dec 01, 2022
Top 6 Recruiting Agency Tools for Recruitment Agencies 2023
This blog offers an all-encompassing view on the role of sourcing tools in recruitment, illustrating their benefits in finding high-quality candidates, minimizing costs, and detailing an exhaustive review of the best sourcing tools for agencies in 2023.
Blog Data Driven Recruitment Secrets And Strategies To Leverage Recruitment Analytics
Best Practices
8 mins
Dec 01, 2022
Data-Driven Recruitment: Secrets and Strategies to Leverage Recruitment Analytics
Looking to streamline your staffing process? Learn about how data-driven recruitment offers strategies to make better hiring decisions.
The #Recos Explained
2 mins
Nov 28, 2022
The RecOS Explained
Learn about how the RecOS can help unlock your true potential.
Blog Your Recruitment Tech Stack
4 mins
Nov 24, 2022
Your Recruitment Tech Stack
It’s time to take an honest look at your tech stack. Here’s a deep dive touring some of the dangers lurking below.
Proactive Recruitment Get Ahead In The War For Talent
Best Practices
5 mins
Nov 23, 2022
Proactive Recruitment: Get Ahead in the War for Talent
Learn what proactive recruitment is, its different methods, and strategies that you can use to get ahead in finding top talent.
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Recruitment Costs
6 mins
Nov 22, 2022
How Much It Costs to Start a UK Recruitment Agency (and How to Make It Work)
Explore how to start a recruitment agency on a budget in the UK. This article breaks down start-up and ongoing costs, provides practical tips on business planning, cash flow, and legalities. From company registration, branding, recruitment technology, to accountancy, get an insightful guide to make informed investment decisions. Optimize your expenditure with smart choices like ATS/CRM while reducing costs like job board ads with effective strategies.
Blog How To Start A Recruitment Agency In Australia (1)
5 mins
Nov 14, 2022
How to Start a Recruitment Agency in Australia
Our guide on how to start a recruitment agency in Australia covers every step necessary - from registering your business name to finding the right employees.


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