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Product Updates

What's New in Vinny: Aug - Sep '22 Edition

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Highlights of what we rolled out recently:

We're constantly shipping product updates to help make recruiting easier for you.

#Core Updates 

Here's a roundup of what we rolled out over the past few months:

1. More control over formatted CVs creation

Take control over your candidate files.

Now you have the option to toggle on - off the creation of formatted CVs when new Candidates are added to Vincere via:

  • Quick Add

  • Velocity

  • Candidate Portal

2. Search by Job Start Date – End Date

A nifty upgrade for Temp and Contract recruiters.

We’ve added the ability for you to record the Job Start Date & End Date.

Now you can filter & search - fast and easy.

3. Edit Branches, Teams, and Division from User Settings

Need to make updates to Branches, Teams, and Divisions?

Now, you can make these changes directly within User Settings.

#TimeTemp Updates

4. Quick Add Backdated Timesheets

Before: Unable to submit timesheets that should have been submitted in the past

Now you can.

Great if you’re submitting timesheets on behalf of Candidates or need to backdate timesheets for record or invoicing purposes.

#Updates to Temps & Contractors Dashboard | Intelligence

5. Actionable insights to maximize redeployment rates

Keep your contractor workforce engaged and working.

Get a call list of workers “Not called in the last 28 days” and optimize deployment rates.

6. Improved Date Formatting

To improve readability, we’ve updated the date format in the export file.


Now you can use excel to filter records based on the specific date and time values.

#Portals Updates

7. Allow Candidates to apply for jobs without portal registration

Vinny Customers, this is one so many of you have asked for 👇

We’re giving you the flexibility to let candidates apply for jobs without the need to register or log in to the Candidate Portal.

Less fuss for them = increased candidate flow for you.

The best part? New Candidate profiles will be automatically created inside Vincere Core when a CV is submitted.

8. Allow Candidate to edit their name

Before: First Name and Last Name on the Candidate Portal were not editable by candidates.

Now: You can decide whether you want Candidates to edit their Names, or not. The choice is yours.

9. Include Notes from Job Application

Notes added by candidates from Job Application will automatically be included in the Brief section in the Candidate’s profile.

10. New Action: Copy Template for TimeTemp Settings

Speed is everything ⚡

Create and copy information from existing templates.

You can now create new templates by copying:

  1. Job Template
  2. Rate Card Template
  3. On-cost template
  4. Time Interpretation template
  5. Search template

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