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Product Updates

What's New in Vinny Feb '23 Edition

Release Feb (1)

We’ve added even more ‘big little details’ to improve your Vincere experience.

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Core CRM/ATS Updates

1. New permissions | Invoice Items

Stop any changes being made to approved invoices.

Or give permission to edit and update.

Now you can enable or disable edit permissions for approved invoices.  

Portals Updates

2. New Email Notification for Onboarding Documents

Get notified as soon as Candidates have added onboarding documents.

You’ll also be able to customize email notification templates with wildcards (email merge fields/tags)

Intelligence Updates

3. Filter Intelligence Dashboards on a Specific Client

Now you can drill down into performance by Company with the new Company ID filter. This filter us available in the following dashboards in your Intelligence suite:

  • Company Stats
  1. Pipeline Activities
  2. The Forecaster
  3. Fees
  4. Invoices

This gives you enhanced insights into which Companies you should focus your efforts on: who are your top clients? Which of your biggest clients needs more support?  How much money is your client bringing in? 

4. Filter by Week | The Forecaster Dashboard

Now you can drill down Forecast data by Weeks to get a granular view on forecasted performance.

5. Drill-Down Log-All Activities tab | User Engagement Report

We’ve added a new tab when you export from User Engagement Dashboard

Get an Audit trail of all the activities performed inside Vincere. Drill down into individual consultants or clients.  

6. Filter by Candidate ID | AWR Dashboard

Need to check the AWR status of a specific candidate?

We’ve added the Candidate ID filter in the AWR Report  so you can monitor the number of weeks worked by specific candidates.

These updates have been automatically added to your Vincere account. What do you want to see on our roadmap this year?

Let us know 👉🏼 here.