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Healthcare Staffing Software: Which is Best for You?

Healthcare Staffing Software Which Is Right For You

The medical field continues to grow and evolve exponentially, alongside innovations ranging from AI and automation to Power BI and dashboards. Healthcare staffing software is the perfect tool for locum tenens agencies to manage better, automate and optimize their candidate database.

1. Healthcare staffing software: Why is there such high demand?

It’s been an extremely tumultuous time for the healthcare industry in recent years. Although there has always been a shortage of skilled healthcare professionals, the increase in demand is now surpassing the supply of healthcare workers, continuing to pose challenges for the industry.

Recruiting healthcare workers is painfully slow and expensive, due to long training periods and high demand for special skills and knowledge.

Recruiters now have no other choice but to turn to automated staffing solutions, with features that help with scheduling, flexibility, service performance, and data management. Healthcare staffing software is imperative for recruiters to streamline operations and retain their edge in the current market.

2. Benefits of healthcare staffing software

Let’s dive into the benefits and features of a healthcare software solution and why it’s a must for healthcare recruiters in today's digital age.

Improve the efficiency of sourcing

Many staffing solutions now come with innovative candidate management tools that allow you to track, manage and source candidates from one centralized location. These tools allow you to build a database of high-quality candidates, providing relevant information to help match the right people with the right position.

Reduce time to hire

Healthcare staffing software often comes with built-in applicant tracking systems (ATS). Automating application, screening, and interview stages can significantly improve efficiency at every stage of the hiring process. Recruiters can free up their time for more critical tasks.

Improve communication

Recruitment agencies are now seeking more efficient, easy-to-use communication streams. Fortunately, many software solutions come with built-in chat features that help with internal and external communication with candidates and clients. Providing one centralized location for all interactions to take place can help build trust, prevent miscommunications, and improve productivity.

Reduce labor costs

Automated software solutions provide recruiters with a foundation to control and minimize labor costs. However, the most common ways we’d often think to reduce costs don’t directly translate to the healthcare industry. Instead, recruiters must reduce unnecessary overtime and avoid turnover.

Adhere to labor laws

Scheduling for locum tenans can often be challenging when it comes to controlling and aligning both operations and regulations.

Labor laws and collective bargaining agreements (CBA’s) are also often changing, so it’s imperative staffing agencies adhere to regulations and stay on track.

A staffing software solution generates reports and audits to ensure compliance across all operations.

3. Top features of a staffing software solution

Healthcare staffing software takes the weight off, streamlining the high-volume, high-demand hiring process. Here are a few features to consider:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Healthcare staffing companies that use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are most likely to attract, identify and hire the most skilled candidates. The efficiency and success of a staffing firm are dependent on how streamlined and agile its processes are.

This can be massively improved by using an ATS.

So, how do I know what’s the best ATS for staffing agencies? If you are in search of a quality solution, Vincere Core should be on your list. Designed by our team of highly experienced recruiters, our product offers a suite of key features, including:

Shift Scheduling

Recruitment software helps simplify responsibilities like monitoring overtime, tracking compliance, and shift scheduling. Recruiters can plan shifts and see which candidates are available at any time. This helps decrease the likelihood of no-shows and reduce overtime with full visibility into all candidates’ schedules.

Vincere’s staffing solution provides advanced tools for creating and managing complex schedules. By automatically matching candidates with shifts based on their availability, the software allows you to create, schedule, and manage jobs and shifts with ease. It also enables users to reschedule shifts and send out shift renewal reminders at the right time.

Autopilot Onboarding

In the race of saving time, inconsistencies begin to surface, and your bottom line takes a hit. Autopilot onboarding is a godly innovation that helps agencies; especially healthcare staffing agencies be more efficient.

A recruiter can easily add a candidate to the system, and Autopilot will take care of the rest. The system sends onboarding information to new hires and tracks their progress along the way, making it easy for both the recruiter and the candidate to get started with their new job.

Vincere helps you move candidates from being simply interested in a job to the perfect new hires. It automates onboarding and reminders so you can take advantage of the personalization tools that ensure candidates are always top of mind.

Online Invoicing

Online invoicing for healthcare recruitment can guarantee that your clients are satisfied with the service you offer and that employees are paid on time. As a result, it is much simpler to get paid and manage your invoices.

When choosing a new invoicing system, you want something intuitive so you can use it right away and start creating professional invoices. Vincere can easily create, set up, and send out elegant invoices in seconds.

Healthcare staffing software integrates front, middle, and back-office solutions in one convenient platform. This can be extremely useful when it comes to Accounting & Finances.

Online invoicing eliminates human error with accurate data, ensuring candidates are paid on time and an opportunity to follow up with your clients.

When looking for the right software, you want to look deeply into back-office integrations. It’s important to go for a system that’s intuitive and professional. Vincere TimeTemp offers a pre-built, pre-integrated, and synchronized system to help manage:

  • Availability
  • Schedule shifts
  • Track time, leave & expenses
  • Payroll integrations

4. Conclusion

Healthcare staffing software is an incredible toolkit for any healthcare agency looking to surpass the competition and gain an edge in the current market. Adopting these features can significantly improve your top and bottom line by streamlining the entire process.