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Recruitment Tech Stacks - The 5 Tell-Tale Signs of the ‘Frankenstack’

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You’ve probably outgrown your childhood fears of vampires, witches, and other ghoulish figures - but there’s a new monster lurking in the corner that you haven’t met.

Beware the Frankenstack!

The Frankenstack is a recruiter’s worst nightmare: a disparate mish-mash of technologies & systems deliberately bolted together - but which aren’t fully integrated in terms of functionality and intelligence.

The result?

Just as the original Frankenstein reigned in terror, a ‘Frankenstack’ wreaks havoc on your recruitment business operations and derails your path to revenue and growth.

Recruiters call this a 'tech stack'. At best, it's a 'debt-stack'.

In reality, you've built a 'Frankenstack'.

For many recruitment businesses and firms, the ‘Frankenstack’ haunts them unknowingly- sucking time and money away. So, in the spirit of the Halloween season, here are 5 tell-tale signs you have a RecTech ‘Frankenstack’:

1. You have 5 or more different tools / tech vendors.

Take an honest look at your ‘Tech Stack’. Make a list of the systems that you’re using across your business.

Chances are, you deal with different vendors; one for your website, one for your ATS/CRM, one for timesheets, one for internal messaging and another for reporting & analytics... and that's just for starters.

2. Your tools don’t talk to each other.

Does your recruitment data flow from one system to another, in a seamless two-way sync?

Think about your candidate, recruiter and client touchpoints.

From candidate applications on your website or via job boards, through to your recruitment database, to managing interviews, compliance & verification checks, sending out offer letters through to billing and invoicing. Are all these interactions silo-ed in separate systems? Or is your ‘integration’ in reality little more than a 1-way data-push?

Crucially, when it comes to recruitment analytics and reporting - is this process complex, time-consuming and manual?

3. Have you spent $$$ on ‘integration’ & ‘customization’?

The devil is in the design. You're babysitting a bunch of systems that require you to spend big on 'integration' and 'customization'....we get it.

It’s easy to be sold the ‘dream’ of having a core recruitment CRM/ATS with access to a big marketplace of 3rd party apps and vendors. But know this- despite your best efforts, these ‘integrations’ are often very shallow and, despite your best efforts, are doomed to never quite work seamlessly.

You’re using duct-tape (workarounds), throwing cash at custom work and multiple add-ons from your vendor’s marketplace. You’re cobbling together disparate systems - fingers crossed - hoping it all works. (clue: it never does)

4. How much are you spending on your ‘tech stack’?

Ask yourself this: how many invoices do you get periodically, from the various platforms you’re using? How much do each of them cost?

Any zombie user licenses i.e. those that you’re paying for just to keep the tool running? Do you know their contract start and end dates?

What about all the indirect costs that go to ‘integration’, ‘customization’ and running proof of concepts?

If you’re not tracking exactly how much $ you’re investing in your various systems, how can you accurately measure their ROI?

Put your numbers to the test with our ROI calculator. Uncover how much money and time your tech is really saving you.  

5. You’re afraid of your back office team (and pander to their needs)

Your finance manager walks out the door today, how would you cope?

Are you using any back-office software? Does it fully integrate with your ‘tech stack’?

Or, perhaps the real question is: do you know how your back office software and processes work?

If most of your middle office processes are manual, and the only documentation that exists lives in the heads of your back office team, you’ll naturally be worried if they leave. By automating and streamlining your recruitment back-office, you take back control over this vital part of your business.

Think you’ve got a ‘Frankenstack’?

Fret not, your scary story can have a happy ending.

Vincere is the recruitment ‘Frankenstack’ slayer. We’ve built Vinny as an all-in-one platform that covers the core front, middle and back office recruitment operations under one roof. All modules come pre-integrated from day 1. Vinny will save you an arm and a leg. Literally.

It’s time to focus on scaling your business, not managing a ‘Frankenstack’.