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Top 6 Recruiting Agency Tools for Recruitment Agencies 2023

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In the ever-evolving recruitment landscape, pinpointing and securing top-tier talent is an uphill battle. That's where recruiting agency tools step in, streamlining the entire process and bringing you closer to your ultimate goal: finding the perfect candidate.

Armed with this guide, we'll help you navigate the landscape of candidate sourcing tools available in 2023, and provide valuable insights into how these tools can power up your recruitment strategies.

Recruitment agency tools for recruitment

Recruitment agency tools are indispensable in your search for the right candidate. They're your go-to resource for identifying, engaging, and nurturing talent, saving your agency time and effort in the candidate search process.

Having a database of qualified applicants is pivotal to successful recruitment, and recruiting tools allow you to maintain and leverage this database effectively. The initial investment in time and resources might seem considerable, but the payoff, in the long run, is significantly higher.

Why are recruitment tools important?

Recruitment can feel like a perpetual fight for top talent. A robust plan is needed to get ahead in this battle. And one of the most important “weapons” in your arsenal should be a sourcing tool.

Effective recruiting starts with knowing where and how to find the people perfect for the job. Sourcing can give you a ready-to-refer stream of prospects for when a role opens up.

Here’s how using the right sourcing tools boosts your rec operations: 

Get a strategic process

Sourcing helps make your approach to recruitment deliberate. Recruiting managers can be precise about job requirements, making finding just the right fit a challenge. The challenge for recruiters is finding exceptional candidates from unexpected sources. With the right sourcing tools, recruiters can develop a roster of hard-to-find candidates.

Find the highest-quality candidates

Job boards don’t guarantee that eligible candidates will apply. But sourcing lets you design search queries to find candidates with the exact right abilities and experience. And unlike active candidates, who might apply because they’re pressed for time, passive candidates have time to choose roles for the right reasons, minimizing turnover.

Shorten the recruitment process and reduce costs

Since sourcing creates connections with talent far before they apply, you’ll have a pipeline of vetted candidates to contact when a role opens, which lowers time-to-hire. Because of that, sourced candidates are more than twice as efficient to recruit versus inbound applicants. Some clients have even seen positions being filled up to four times faster.

Top sourcing tools for recruitment agencies in 2023

1. Recruit’em



  • ​Free to use

  • No registration needed

  • Clean interface

  • ​Only provides search queries

  • Not really time-saving


Recruit'em, a versatile sourcing tool, has a distinctive place among recruiting agency tools due to its unique approach to candidate discovery. It streamlines the sourcing process by generating Boolean search terms, helping recruiters effortlessly find LinkedIn profiles and source potential candidates from other platforms like Twitter, Xing, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

One of its notable limitations is that it only provides search queries without offering a compiled list of candidates. Despite this, the utility it provides in crafting precise queries to discover the right candidates is invaluable. Particularly for recruiters seeking efficiency in their sourcing strategies, Recruit'em offers a path towards optimization and enhanced talent discovery.


2. OctoHR



  • ​Free to use

  • Time-saving

  • Gives quick results

  • Limited to searching for developers​


OctoHR, a specialized recruiting agency tool, shines particularly in the realm of tech recruitment. As a resourceful sourcing tool, OctoHR scours GitHub's user profiles, uncovering hidden email addresses of developers and summarizing their skills. It executes precise candidate searches, employing various search parameters like language and region, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the sourcing process.

Although OctoHR is a time-saving tool offering quick results, its use is primarily confined to searching for developers, limiting its application in non-tech recruitment. Despite this, OctoHR's unique focus and efficient capabilities make it an invaluable part of a tech recruiter's toolkit, ensuring a steady supply of qualified candidates in the ever-evolving tech industry.


3. Shapr



  • Free

  • Good for networking

  • Easy to use​

  • Limited access to only 15 profiles per day​


Shapr, an innovative entrant in the list of recruiting agency tools, elevates candidate sourcing through its unique networking approach. Acting as a bridge between recruiters and potential candidates, Shapr aligns individuals based on mutual professional interests and career ambitions. This facilitates authentic conversations with prospective talent, allowing recruiters to broaden their sourcing networks in a more organic manner.

The caveat with Shapr is the limited daily access to profile views, suggesting its best use in synergy with other recruiting agency tools. Nevertheless, its capacity to initiate valuable discussions and gather fresh perspectives makes Shapr a worthwhile component of any recruitment toolkit. This distinctive approach brings a personalized dimension to the landscape of candidate sourcing, offering recruitment agencies a novel way to interact and connect with potential talent.


4. Vincere



  • ​User-friendly interface

  • Market-leading integrations

  • Automation made easy

  • Powerful advanced search function

  • ​Free version not available

Vincere's recruitment software offers a wide range of solutions for applicant sourcing and recruiting.

With more than 20 years of expertise in the staffing industry, we pride ourselves on being able to understand and help with all challenges that recruiters face in their daily operations.

Vincere’s solutions are perfect for direct recruiting, contract, and executive search firms. Our end-to-end recruitment technology stack has sourcing tools like the ability to pull LinkedIn profiles to your ATS, plus an advanced faceted search that can find the right candidates who are already waiting in your database.

5. Gem



  • ​Offers a wide variety of tools

  • Affordable

  • Easy to use

  • Does not have a fixed price​


Gem, a standout among recruiting agency tools, offers recruiters a robust and versatile platform for candidate sourcing and management. Its suite of tools allows for seamless collection of candidate information, enhancing the precision of your talent pool. In addition, Gem's multistage campaign feature empowers recruiters to establish meaningful connections with candidates over time.

The real gem in Gem's offering, however, lies in its analytical capabilities. Recruiters can assess the effectiveness of their strategies and make data-driven adjustments as needed. By syncing all activity with your ATS, it ensures a cohesive, organized recruitment process. While its pricing may vary, the value offered by Gem's feature-rich platform can significantly elevate the efficiency and success of your recruitment efforts.


6. Arya



  • ​Multichannel communications

  • Candidate shortlist creation

  • ​High price


Arya, a premier tool among recruiting agency tools, leverages AI to revolutionize your recruitment process. Its AI-driven feature creates precise candidate shortlists from detailed job descriptions, saving time on manual sifting. It also facilitates multichannel communication with candidates, expanding your outreach capabilities.

Further, Arya integrates with your existing ATS or CRM system for streamlined candidate management. It allows for swift candidate interactions, enabling recruiters to contact candidates, send screening questions, and arrange meetings quickly. Arya proactively sources candidates from online and existing databases, improving your talent pool's quality. Despite its higher cost, Arya's comprehensive features can provide a competitive advantage for agencies dealing with high-volume recruitment.

Final words

Our overview of sourcing tools should give some inspiration about identifying passive applicants and uncovering hidden talent that you might not otherwise have access to.

By adopting the right tech stack, you can boost the effectiveness of your daily operations, refine your recruitment strategy, and outperform the competition.

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