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V12.11 is here: New Look. New AI Dashboard. & much more

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Last weekend, we rolled out a bunch of new enhancements across the Vincere product suite: our core CRM/ATS, Middle Back Office module and TimeTemp.

We also sneaked in a mighty dashboard. An AI-powered dashboard that we’ve worked on for months, but kept under wraps...until now ;) Intrigued? Keep on reading for the highlights of our August release:


1. User Interface Updates

The biggest and most meaningful update is the collection of UI changes we made to the Candidate, Company, Contact and Job profiles: 

✔️Key information - including the Pipelines- moved to the top for ease of use

✔️Social icons now sit within the Candidate box

✔️ Softer color palette has been applied

It’s cleaner, more intuitive and, most importantly, it’s what our customers have asked for. For the full story on why we bumped this fresh new UI forward in the roadmap, check out the blog post here.


2. AI Coach


Our new AI dashboard takes all the hard work out of setting targets for your consultants.

How does it work?

The AI Coach utilises Machine Learning on data collected from your usage of Vincere over the last 12 months to automatically generate goals and ratios.

All you need to do is one thing: set a revenue target in the Goal Console.

AI Coach runs our algorithm, crunches your data and spits out the numbers you need to hit and the activities you need to complete.

The best managers have always set revenue targets and worked the ratios backwards to provide activity targets to individual consultants. The AI Coach now takes care of this management task for you. *We debated calling this dashboard the ‘Lazy Leader’ dashboard as shows consultants exactly what they need to do in realtime, without the manager having to set individual recruitment KPIs.

Most importantly, you will no longer have to explain to consultants why they need to hit goals as these numbers are generated based on their actual activity. Management just became a whole lot simpler ;).

Like what you’re seeing? More to come on our brand new dashboard, watch this space for updates to the AI Coach.


3. Updated Pay Rules (for TimeTemp)

To meet the requirements of placements with more unusual pay rules, we have increased the Pay Rule options:

✔️New Rule Type called ‘Part of Day’: This allows you to set a specific Pay Rule for a period in a day e.g 20:00 - 00:00 and apply a Pay Rule against that.

✔️Period Options: Days (all days), Days (weekdays), Public Holiday, Onsite, Offsite

✔️Pay rule exceptions: this allows you to set rule exceptions to override General pay rules 

Screenshot of Comp & Fees Page

*These pay rules sync over to TimeTemp, our workforce management module that works out-of-the-box with Vincere for timesheet & invoice automation.


4. Undo Placements

Now at the click of a button, you can easily undo a placement:

✔️The contract will be deleted from TimeTemp, your timesheet and expense portal

✔️Any Managers, Employees and Recruiter accounts associated with the Job will be removed from TimeTemp

✔️Any unsubmitted timesheets will be deleted

✔️Related draft invoices will be deleted

Why? Well, if you’re not familiar with our invoicing feature, here’s some context for you:

When you make a Permanent placement, or when a timesheet is approved, (draft) invoices are automatically created, ready for your approval so you can review and get them out to your Candidates/Contacts quickly.

So essentially by undo-ing a placement, Vincere takes care of all the ‘cleaning up’ for you. All you need to do is bill.


5. Zapier

This has been highly requested and we’re thrilled to announce that Zapier x Vincere is in now available in Early Access mode.

If you’re not familiar with Zapier, here is what it does in a sentence:

Zapier is a platform that helps apps talk to each other.

All it takes is just a few clicks to connect Vincere with another app through Zapier. Automations (zaps) can be set in minutes and don’t require any coding skills at all.

Now you can connect Vincere with a variety of web applications, such as Autopilot, MailChimp, Hubspot, Google Sheets and many more.

Thanks to our customer feedback, this initial integration with Zapier includes the common functionalities suggested customers in order to support and automate their recruitment marketing efforts.

We’re actively collecting feedback to guide the roadmap for Zapier, so stay tuned for more, and if you’re a customer testing out our Zapier integration, we want to hear your feedback. 

V12.11 is available in Vincere now. Thanks to our incredible customers- the roadmap is entirely based on your feedback, you rock.

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