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Vincere Job Alerts: Send hot Jobs direct to Candidates

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What Recruiters think: “I need more talented individuals.”

What Candidates think: “I don’t see the job I am looking for.”

What a Vincere Recruiter thinks: “Aha! I get a job, my candidate gets it straight to their mailbox.”

Introducing Job Alerts.

Job Alerts is an email subscription feature that allows Candidates to receive notifications whenever suitable jobs are open.

What’s in it for your Candidates?

When a new job is posted onto your Instant Job Board, a fully-branded email will be sent straight to your candidate’s inbox:

  1. All your Candidates have to do is click on the link in the email and they’ll be taken directly to the Job application page - fast and easy.
  2. Emails from job alerts are sent based on your Candidates’ search preferences. Your Candidates get full control of their job alert subscriptions:
    • Ability to update keywords
    • Unsubscribe when not interested

What’s in it for you (the recruiter)?

We know recruiters are always on the hunt for talented individuals but what happens if you don’t have the jobs that they are looking at the moment? Chances are Candidates will leave your site without leaving any contact information. You don’t want to lose them. Job Alerts allow you to capture the candidate’s email address even when you don’t have suitable jobs at the moment:

Vincere’s Job Alerts enable you to:

  1. keep Candidates engaged
  2. save on advertising and marketing spend
  3. increase website traffic by driving the Candidates back to your website

*Job Alert feature is included with Vincere’s out-of-the-box website stack as part of the Vincere package. Keen to see job alert in action? Email for a quick demo.