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Product Updates

What's New in Vinny Jan '23 Edition

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Starting the year fresh with new updates from Release v19.1.

We’ve improved the security of your account by adding Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and giving you more flexibility and control over your system.

Core Updates

Here are some highlights of what we shipped out recently:

1. Multi-Factor Authentication

We’ve enhanced security measures with new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your Vinny account. Plus, a brand-new login page.

Turning on Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) will require all users to set up and enable MFA in order to log in to Vincere.

2. Placement Amendments

Add a reason for any renewals or amendments made to a placement.

If required, Administrators can also make adding a reason mandatory as part of the process so everyone will be able to track reasons and history in Consolidated Activities and in the new Placement Audit Logs (see point 3 below).

3. New Placement Audit Logs

With this new feature, you can easily view the historical data of a placement and track all changes made.

4. New ATS & CRM Permissions

We’re giving you more control over how consultants can access Vincere.

Now you can split permissions for ATS and CRM access in Vinny.

5. Shift Cancellation

Mark a shift as canceled instead of deleting the shift from your system entirely.

Easily set and track the reasons for any canceled shifts.

6. Volcanic Integration

Choose which fields you want to map in Vincere and Volcanic and decide which data you want to send to Volcanic for job posting.

7. FastTrack Bulk Send

Send Candidates, Contacts, Companies, and Placements in bulk. This is one many of you have asked for.

8. Job Auto Status Update

Job Status will now automatically update from open to closed when the headcount has been filled.

Intelligence Updates

1. Placement Owners | User Engagement Dashboard

Report on your Active or Unutilized temps by Placement Owners rather than Job Owners.

Easily identify the consultants responsible for each Candidate and/or worker.

2. New Branch filter in the User Engagement dashboard

Check the actions made in your Vinny system by the consultants from a specific branch/location.

Greater visibility on any changes that are made between different branches within your business.

Release v19.1 lands this Saturday, 7th Jan 2023.

What do you want to see on the roadmap for this year?

Let us know 👉🏼 here.