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Product Updates

What's New in Vinny: Oct '22 Edition

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The #VinnyLovesYouSprint is all about listening to you.

And we'll always step up to deliver, no matter how small or mighty. That's our promise to you.


Here are some highlights that we've rolled out:


1. Shift Absence

A worker didn’t show up and you need to quickly fill the shift? Now you can record and track absences on:

  • Shift Scheduler

  • Availability Calendar

  • TimeTemp


Optimize processes with manageable last-minute changes.


You can also configure the reason for absence:




Plus view all absence activities (add, edit & delete) in the consolidated activities table:




TimeTemp Updates


We bring to you some handy new TimeTemp features and updates.


You ask, we deliver.


1. Send email reminders to submit/approve timesheets

Need that timesheet approved fast?

Now you can send email reminders to your employees/workers to submit their timesheets and send reminders over to managers to approve.

Over, out and onto the next worker.


2. Set up scheduled reminders for pending timesheets


Managers can now set an auto-reminder for timesheets to be approved, either daily, weekly, or monthly.



3. Export submitted and unsubmitted timesheets as CSV

Easily download submitted/unsubmitted timesheets as a CSV.



4. Generate the latest unsubmitted timesheets

Have to add a timesheet to a candidate placed in the past? Simply hit on Generate Latest Timesheets.



5. Manage 'Did Not Work' email notifications

Choose who to notify when submitting timesheets as 'Did Not Work'.



6. New Pay Type Filter

We have added a new pay-type filter that will help you manage your pay runs or invoices in batches.

Available in:

  • Invoices

  • Timesheets

  • Expenses tables


7. Export daily reports twice a day

Before: You could run a daily report once a day. Now: You can run 2x reports a day in the Data Export Scheduler.





P.S. Have any questions? Get in touch with  Vincere Support.