Contract Recruitment 

Scale your contract book, not your back office. From pre-boarding compliance through to GP reporting and gross output to payroll.

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Manage & Search Availability

Get an overview of contract statuses, who's finishing and when, plus an update of candidate's availability in real-time.

Automatch Contractors

Automatch candidates to jobs or search for candidates with availability schedules based on client needs.

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Compliance & Verification Checks

Create compliance forms and pre-boarding document packs for temps to submit via an ESS portal.

Set Pay Rules & Overtime

Set complex pay rules and overtime pay rates matched to contract terms.

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Time, Expense 
& Attendance

Contractors get one streamlined, digital experience to submit time, leave & expense to managers for approvals.

Automate Pay & Bill

Approved timesheets auto-generate invoices ready for you to review and send.

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Manage Contract renewals

Design branded contract templates using merge fields for quick contract generation. Renew contracts and see the margins you're making in local or your home currency.

Schedule Exports to Payroll

Customize fields for export and seamlessly connect your middle and back office.

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