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Alan Mitchell

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A smooth transition from Invenias to Vincere


After evaluating all other major recruitment systems in the market, Alan Mitchell decided to choose Vincere. They opted to migrate all their data, candidates, clients and most importantly, CVs & resumes over to Vincere from the incumbent system, Invenias.

"I was initially reluctant to switch over because I was afraid to get important data and documents lost during migration. When you think of data migration, you think of cost overruns, excessive downtimes and delays - that’s hurtful to a business. To my delight, the data migration with Vincere was painless. The professional Service team always kept me informed and up to date on everything. Whenever I had any questions, the team was quick to come back to me. I didn't have too many because the team explained it really well."

Vincere’s Professional Services team has a well-documented and communicated ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process in place with appropriate management and controls. Customers are given access to a dedicated project management workspace with mapped out checkpoints and milestones to follow.



A visual system used to drive profits


Since going-live with Vincere, the team at Alan Mitchell has seen major productivity and efficiency gains.

​"Vincere allowed me to be much more efficient on my own as a Director. I can get the job done pretty well and efficiently, and actually focus on how to make more money instead of having to battle operational costs. The key thing about Vincere is that it works very much like how we'd like it to work: taking on a job, sharing that job onto our job portal, and onto LinkedIn, and then doing the search for candidates on the database, sending the job out, and shortlisting them down. Overall, it just works in a very efficient way and makes our life a lot easier - and that's what we wanted in a new system."

Vincere is the first recruitment system on the market with a business intelligent pipeline built in, providing a visual overview of where you are at every stage of the recruitment process: "The feature I like the most is the pipeline. I am a very visual person, so I really like how Vincere pipeline is structured. Everything is color-coded so I can tell right away whether someone has been shortlisted, whether the CV has been sent out or where the candidates are in the job process.”


From Invenias to Vincere. Now, I can do the work of 3 consultants combined.


Philip Seager

Director at Alan Mitchell

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