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About Tempting Ventures


Tempting Ventures is an independent Venture Capital investor founded to back high calibre management teams of niche recruitment businesses. Their portfolio of brands consists of both startups and established businesses: Uniting Ambition, Uniting Cloud, Uniting Enterprise, Tempting Talent, R & O Global Energy, Anzurra and Eastward Partners.

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Tech, IT, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Industrial & Energy
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Bullhorn, Salesforce, Excel & a range of other tools
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Copenhagen, New York
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Within just 3 years, Tempting Ventures’ investment portfolio grew to include 7 recruitment brands - each specializing in different verticals and niches. As each of these businesses managed their own tech stack and had different reporting methods, providing effective mentorship and strategic advice was a constant challenge.

So in 2018, Tempting Ventures decided that it was time for an overhaul. It was in their vision that they would partner with a recruitment CRM vendor across all businesses in their portfolio, to help grow their current and future investments.

The most important criteria was that the system had to be scalable and flexible enough to keep up with the pace and pressures of fast-growing recruitment businesses.

​Rob Quirk, Head of Marketing at Tempting Ventures said, “We work with high calibre, highly-motivated and ambitious management teams, and because of the nature of these companies combined with the high level of investment we give them, it means that all companies are going through breakneck growth and scaling to help achieve their potential.”


Using Vincere as the blueprint for recruitment success


The early adopters of Vincere were R&O Global Energy, a sustainable infrastructure & energy recruitment business, and Tempting Talent, a US-based Rec2Rec agency, both of which were Vincere customers since early 2018. ​Tempting Ventures saw massive success of these brands using Vincere and rolled it out across all the other brands at the start of 2019. By Oct 2019, all brands were onboarded onto Vincere.

According to Rob, the key areas where they saw most success were with 1) data migration and 2) reporting.


On Data Migration


"It was a complex starting point as we came to Vincere with a range of businesses that needed migration work done - each with its own unique data situation and set of recruitment technology that ranged from legacy CRM systems like Salesforce, Bullhorn through to basic tools like Excel. It wasn’t simply a case of moving from point A to B - but it was overcome very well with Vincere. We worked very closely with my project manager, Juan Parilla and the rest of the Data Migration team, and I have to say that the onboarding and data migration service surpassed our expectations and previous experiences with competitors."


On Reporting & Analytics


"Out-of-the-box, Vincere is a brilliant visualization tool that looks and works well - and that has really helped drive business performance across all of our brands without the need for external IT or data analysts. There’s no room to hide. You get excellent visibility right down to the consultant level, and we can do that because the dashboards and leader boards work so well."

Vincere has transformed businesses by giving management teams the tools they need to effectively drive the business forward. For example, for performance reviews, managers are able to show consultants a report of their own activities and engage in more meaningful conversations. This was the kind of unrivalled visibility that Tempting Ventures needed as they expanded their business. In Rob’s own words: 

"There’s no recruitment CRM on the market that allows users to get up the learning curve and start billing so quickly like Vincere. The UX and touchpoints of the platform allows us to identify very quickly what consultants are doing - or not doing - and jump on it to course correct and help them grow the way they should be. Vincere has reduced our time to hire by streamlining processes and by integrating with third party apps via their Marketplace and has improved speed to competency by 50% across the portfolio with many Associates gaining their first promotion within 4 months."


Onto the next stage of growth:


Using Vincere as the tried-and-true tech platform, Tempting Ventures is poised and ready to onboard more ambitious brands. "I am excited for more recruitment businesses to join the Tempting Ventures journey, and plug into this genuinely world-class technology that Vincere is to help recruitment businesses accelerate growth, reach their potential and become the market-leader in their respective niches. That’s the opportunity that Vincere helps our brands achieve as a platform-partner."

One platform to accelerate growth.

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