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About FutureProof Pro


FutureProof Pro, a fully remote company, specializes in recruiting ex-athletes and transitioning them to new careers. Their team needs to manage everything from writing CVs to matching athletes with jobs. Virtual collaboration provides an extra challenge.

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London, UK

Keeping an all-remote team all together


As a startup, FutureProof Pro used whatever tools were available. Back then, commercial development manager Liz Crooke used Excel spreadsheets to track their information. Eventually, the company grew so much that their work processes became unmanageable.

"Once everything became a lot busier and we had more to keep track of, we decided to switch to a CRM. We went with Vincere because our colleagues had used it before really successfully."


Switching from spreadsheets to dashboards


Once FutureProof Pro’s business outgrew the Excel spreadsheet model, it was clear that Vincere’s platform would open a whole new range of possibilities for them. FutureProof Pro’s remote team used Vinny’s features to work together more efficiently.

"It’s a really useful system to keep track of all our athletes,” said CMD Liz Crooke. “Because we’re a big team, it’s great to go online and see who’s already working with different athletes. We don’t have any one person managing one candidate, so it makes our jobs much easier to have a quick look at anyone in the database."

Vincere also gave the FutureProof Pro team a better way to keep everyone on the same page. Liz pointed out: 

"Because we’re a remote company, it’s a big help for all the team members to be able to read each other’s notes in Vincere. I love the two-way email syncing. You can see what our team has already written and the candidates’ responses. It makes it much simpler to not have to pick up the phone and ask around every time we want to put candidates up for different roles. And this is without even leaving Vincere’s platform."


Better collaboration with real-time messaging


After eliminating confusing internal email chains, the FutureProof Pro team leveraged another Vincere tool to keep on top of communication. VinnyChat, the real-time collaboration and messaging platform, cut out missed messages and crossed wires.

"Now, within Vincere, we can communicate instantly as a team. There’s so much internal information that used to go into emails that are now better off as chat messages. Both direct messages and group chats allowed us to target information to the right people on the team. It’s made our work process much more efficient."

VinnyChat’s file sharing feature freed the team from inboxes and email attachments.

"It’s been helpful to have this feature that lets us send CVs and other documents to our colleagues. We can tag people so they’re sure to get it, and the system lets us associate documents with the athletes so we never lose track of key information."


Keeping the team up to speed with the mobile app


One of the challenges of a highly mobile team is there’s no way of keeping everyone at their desks at the same time.

"We used to have a noticeable delay with our old methods. We’d have to wait for one of our colleagues to sit down, open the spreadsheet, or respond to the right email chain, whatever it was,” said Liz. “When our workload increased, it became that much more difficult to keep everyone on top of things."

Vinny’s mobile app allowed FutureProof Pro recruiters to keep up with work tasks anywhere and everywhere.

"As the commercial development manager, I have the opportunity to build up more client relationships right from my phone. It’s really given us an advantage when it comes to growing the business. We’re much quicker with responses and workflow, and both clients and candidates really appreciate it."


An intuitive system


Liz was still new to the recruitment industry when she came to FutureProof Pro. According to her, Vincere was nothing like other CRMs she’d used in the past. Vincere has been such a boost to her team that they’re never going back to spreadsheet tracking:

“The product has a very good value. It was intuitive and easy for me to pick up. Very straightforward to use. If you’re considering switching like we did, it’s definitely worth it. It’s made life so much easier for our virtual company. I would definitely make a move towards Vincere.”



We actually only considered Vincere.
It was the most all-encompassing system
on the market.




Liz Crooke
Commercial Development Manager
at FutureProof Pro

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