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About Galleon Recruitment


Founded in 2002 (formerly JMK Limited), Galleon Recruitment is a 100% New Zealand owned business and is a leading Temp, Contract and Perm recruitment firm in Auckland.Recruiting for a fiercely competitive sector like Accountancy & IT means that speed-to-market is critical. However, this was proving to be a real pain point for the team at Galleon.

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Auckland, New Zealand
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The search for an easy-to-use, impactful CRM


"Although our previous ATS looked simple at first, when it came down to actually using it, the navigation and workflow wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed,” said Nigel Beasley, Managing Director at Galleon Recruitment. “In terms of interface, user experience and functionality Vincere completely eclipses our last ATS." From the outset, Nigel knew he wanted to streamline the recruitment process to promote better efficiencies and productivity for his team who were hindered by the lack of usability of the previous system. Galleon Recruitment found that their original ATS lacked the depth they needed, so Nigel and his team were forced to use different tools. Their ‘tech stack’ included an ATS, and Gmail for email (which didn’t sync natively back into their ATS) plus, an external CMS for their website. Using different tools meant that the team were ineffective, with siloed data and manual work piling up daily.


Tapping into the power of an all-in-one platform


“With Vincere, Galleon Recruitment now has the tech robustness we need to win in a highly competitive market.” remarked Nigel. When asked how Vincere has made a direct impact on the business, Nigel pointed out 3 innovative, unique-to-Vinny features:

  1. Pre-integrated 3-in-1 website module (Job Board, Candidate Portal & Client Portal)
  2. Powerful 2-way gmail sync & Vinnychat (internal chat tool)
  3. Pipeline-driven recruitment ATS/CRM 

Compared to their old website, Vinny’s Engage has made it significantly easier to advertise new jobs and attract new candidates.

"The ability to quickly update jobs whenever we need to, whether its posting new jobs or updating the job descriptions, has given us the flexibility to move at the speed our business is operating. Vincere for us has become that one single source of truth, tying our Front, Middle and Back office together. Candidates can drop their CVs on our website, and are automatically parsed by Vinny, sitting in the ATS for my team to review. Once the recruitment process has started, activities including calls, emails and interviews are automatically tracked against the candidate’s profile. I know exactly which stage each candidate is in, all displayed on the pipeline of the ATS dashboard right from the moment I log in."

With the Vincere Engage module, Galleon Recruitment is able to measure the success of their website with attribution reports by candidate source. The dashboard allows Nigel and his team to understand precisely where their traffic is coming from, what converts best and if the quality of applicants is increasing. 


More than just a vendor: Vinny is a true tech partner with top-notch customer support


Nigel and his team knew they’d found the right partner as soon as they talked to Vincere:

"I think of Vincere as an extension of our team, what often happens is that the excitement of a new system tends to fizzle out after a while, but Vincere keeps us at the forefront, by constantly injecting new, innovative features to help us keep up with market demands. The entire support team at Vincere is incredible. Moving to a new system can be a steep learning curve but the round the clock support and vast library of content in the help center (videos, articles etc) has made transitioning and getting up to speed so much easier. What really stood out about Vincere is that their response time and attention to detail is really strong. It is always great to know that your questions will be responded within hours, not days."


Vincere for us has become that one single source of truth, tying our Front, Middle and Back office together.



Nigel Beasly

Managing Director at Galleon Recruitment

One platform to accelerate growth.

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