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Org 3D


About Org 3D


Org 3D is a recruitment firm that builds high-performance teams for fast-growth Tech companies. They have used Vincere from the start of their journey with Org 3D in 2018, and have grown 10-fold since.

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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Before founding Org 3D, the management team had experience using other systems, notably RDB and Voyager. These were decent CRMs but they had limitations. The teams were forced to plug in 3rd party apps and integrations to power their website and timesheets. This ended up being costly, hard to manage and, most importantly not synced to their CRM.



Seeking a platform for growth

Right from the get-go, Org 3D knew that they wanted a recruitment platform that was fully-functional, right out-of-the-box.

"We had used a variety of different CRM products while at former companies - including RDB and Voyager - so we knew that for our start-up we wanted a scalable, best of breed platform that can help us grow our company from day one."It was clear that the company wanted an all-in-one platform that could scale and grow with their business. They evaluated systems like Bullhorn, but were most impressed by Vincere’s all-in-1 feature stack."Vincere is best on the market as it offers a simple, clean UI and ease-of-use without losing any functionality required for a detailed recruitment process. Searching for candidates in our database is quicker on Vincere compared to RDB and Voyager which we have used previously. As Vincere is so easy to use, we are simply getting more stuff done."



A system that drives user-adoption, efficiencies & productivity gains


A common challenge for growing recruitment agencies is the onboarding and training of new consultants.

"We recruit a mix of experienced and non-experienced staff. As the Vincere system is workflow based, we are more confident in dropping non-experienced consultants into a workflow which gets them active and billing quickly, with minimal hand-holding required. Because of Vincere’s logical design, new consultants always have a best practice workflow to follow. Likewise, as a management team, we have confidence that the system is fully adopted by our consultants quickly."


Getting actionable insights with analytics

The plug-and-play reporting capabilities of Vincere’s Analytics suite was a clear differentiator for Org 3D. Now, they have the analytics needed to manage a fast-growing team and make smarter, data-driven decisions. 

"The Analytics Suite is full of out-of-the-box dashboards, and we currently rely on these for internal and external reporting. We have only just scraped the tip of the iceberg with Vincere’s Analytics, there’s so much more we can do with them as we continue to grow. To help maximize competitive advantage, we have booked in advanced training sessions with the Customer Success Team to get a deeper knowledge of how the pipeline and forecasting dashboards work."



Vincere is the best CRM for high-growth
recruitment firms on the market.
It offers a simple, clean UI and ease-of-use,
without sacrificing any functionality required for
a detailed recruitment process.


Adam Rollings

Director at Org 3D


One platform to accelerate growth.

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