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Venture Recruitment

Venture Recruitment

About Venture Recruitment 


Founded in 2013, Venture Recruitment provides solutions nationwide for high volume requirements and executive search assignments. They have built their reputation through outstanding account management and flexible approach.

Hospitality. Retail, Head Office, Sales
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Maidenhead, Berkshire
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Life before Vincere: Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets 


Before Vincere, Venture Recruitment used Eploy. Gareth Thomas, Director at Venture Recruitment moved his team over from spreadsheets to ePloy with one sole purpose: to drive productivity across the entire business. However, his vision for the business soon fell through when he found out that his consultants chose to stick to excel despite his efforts (and investment) to upgrade to a ‘professional’ recruitment system.

"When your team chooses to go back to Excel, you know there’s something wrong with the system. The main issue was that ePloy was too complex and clunky. As a result, the system was unused as it was a hassle to get data added into the database. I knew we had to find another solution but what held me back was that I had a website,” Gareth shared. “I had invested time and money in custom development work to integrate my website with ePloy. I was tied and reluctant to move."

The search for a system users will love 


Whilst still on a contract with ePloy, he took time to evaluate other recruitment systems including notable ones like Bullhorn and Mercury XRM.

"In my search for a better system, there was only one key criteria - and that was usability but nothing felt right. Bullhorn looked decent but their service and support didn’t make me feel like I was a valued customer. Mercury XRM was good too but I had doubts about it’s usability and how my team would take to it. Then, I was recommended to try Vincere by a couple of my peers in RDLC, a recruitment membership club. They had lots of positive things to say about Vincere which was what  made me curious. Thankfully, curiosity did not kill the cat. What it did kill was my extensive search for a recruitment solution my business desperately needed."


The key features that stood out for Gareth were: 


1. Embedded visual ATS & CRM pipelines for applications, candidates & jobs and

2. Velocity: LinkedIn chrome extension for sourcing and in Gareth’s own words “a game-changer for business development”. 

None of which the other vendors on the market had. These also aligned closely to Venture Recruitment’s business strategy which were largely customer focused, flexible and personalized approach and most importantly, actually picking up the phones to build a real relationship with clients.


A 360° turn in user adoption and productivity 


For Gareth, the icing on the cake was the ‘follow-the-sun’ support which comes as part of the service:

"I’m not a fan of policing my consultants. Recruiters will adopt the system if it naturally makes them more productive and make more placements. Since using Vincere, I’ve witnessed a 360° turn in user adoption and platform usage - no carrots and sticks required. I’ve reached out for help and was supported by members of the success team based in Australia, Saigon and London with no delays. Shout-out to Marlon and who led the training sessions. He made learning fun and easy to follow unlike the typical ‘death by PowerPoint’ training you get from other vendors."

Looking forward: A long-term partner and maximising investment in Vincere 


"At the moment, my team still manually reports in excel but I do want to start using the Goal Console and leverage the full analytics capabilities in Vincere. I take a very hands-on approach to management so the consultant drill-down views is something I will explore. I definitely see Vincere as a long-term partner for Venture Recruitment because it’s constantly evolving as a product and delivering updates to give recruitment businesses a competitive edge. Now I have laid out a strong tech foundation for my consultants, I’ve also taken the leap to revamp my website - slated to go-live very soon. I’m currently thinking of incorporating the Engagement Hub (job board + candidate portal + client portal) as it works out-of-the-box and is already pre-integrated to Vincere CRM/ATS."

One platform to accelerate growth.

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