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About Bower Talent 

Founded in 2014, Bower Talent is a recruitment and staffing business based in London run by experts PAs and Operations staff with deep market knowledge.


Bower Talent provides the whole package for companies looking to overhaul their admin & operations teams, whether it’s recruiting for the perfect person or training up their teams to achieve excellence. Bower Talent uses scientific profiling and bespoke logistics tests to go beyond CV in order to find true talent, and get to the real depth and potential of the individuals they work with.

About Bower Talent

Industry: Finance, Banking, Insurance, Creative, Tech

Switched from:  Streak (non-recruitment CRM)

Company Size: Small

Location: Pimlico, London

Number of offices: 1


The search for an ATS/CRM designed for efficiencies

Before Vincere, the team at Bower Talent was using Streak, a CRM built on Gmail. 


“Using a non-recruitment CRM made it hard to work efficiently as it wasn’t able to handle the complexities and intricacies of the recruitment flow,” said Hannah Reid, ex-Head of Operations at Bower Talent. 


“As we have recently expanded our business to include two additional tiers of recruitment including HR directors, COOs and business managers etc, it became increasingly obvious that the only way to grow Bower Talent was using a platform that could scale with the business.”

The overarching theme driving change for Bower Talent was efficiency. “The challenge was finding a system that would enable us to achieve as much as possible from within one platform (including pay and bill, and analytics functions), and would seamlessly integrate with the other softwares and apps that we currently use.”


They wanted a new CRM that could not only improve workflow efficiencies for recruitment teams but also general efficiencies across the whole business. “Efficiencies will lead to bottom line results, and ultimately that’s the main goal for us as a business.”

"Vincere delivers the ultimate one-two punch recruitment businesses need: automation and analytics."

Hannah Reid

Ex Head of Operations at Bower Talent

A game-changer: pre-built best -practice dashboards

Hannah and the team at Bower have had previous experiences with many recruitment systems on the market, but Vincere stood out from alternatives on the market as an intrinsically all-in-one platform for recruitment companies,“Vincere delivers the ultimate one-two punch recruitment businesses need: automation and analytics.”


“We’ve tried many recruitment systems before but from a management standpoint, none was able to consolidate all the recruitment data we needed from various teams into one centralised platform. It’s great to finally be able to have all our candidates, clients, jobs, placements and leads all together in a system which speaks together intelligently.” 

The pre-built analytical capabilities that Vincere has opened up for senior and operational positions in the business has been extremely valuable, “ said Hannah.


“The management team is now able to get up-to-date analytics, for on-target and lagging KPIs, as well as granular insights right down to teams and individuals, effortlessly at the click of a button. I’ve not seen their faces light up like that before Vincere -  it was a big ‘Ah-ha!’ moment for us all.”


“There’s no one size fits all solution. We needed a system that also allowed for a certain amount of customisation to accomodate for our unique recruiting methodologies.”


For Bower Talent, Vincere offers the right balance of features right out-of- the-box as well as customization capabilities. “Above the regular features  like searching, client management, file storage, email compatibility etc. that  we currently use, Vincere also has a robust, open API and numerous turnkey integrations in their marketplace.”


“The decision was between Bullhorn and Vincere for us, but ultimately we decided on Vincere as the price-to-value ratio was incomparable. Vincere offered the right mix of affordability, features and flexibility perfect for growing recruitment businesses.”

Scalability for the future

Going beyond features, Hannah and the team at Bower Talent are particularly fond of Vincere’s personalized support. “The partnership and support that we’ve experienced through data migration and onboarding so far have surpassed our expectations.” 


Looking ahead, Bower Talent has ambitious plans slated for the near term to continue growing their niche in PA and Operations. 

One platform to accelerate growth.

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Weaponizing recruiters through Tech.

Vincere is the all-in-one platform for recruitment and staffing agencies worldwide. Designed to weaponize recruitment businesses through cutting-edge tech, Vincere's suite of modules are natively built and pre-integrated from day one.


Vincere (in Latin) 'to win, to conquer'

Pronounced /vin-cheri/