How Vincere’s Highest-performing Clients are Operating

The Top 5 Metrics Of High performing Recruitment Teams

We’re still in the last stretch of Q4, but 2020 has been quite the year.

For many of our customers, agility has been the key to survival. Recruitment business leaders have experienced abrupt shifts in the market (, and have been forced to acclimatize to new ways of managing a remote workforce.

Yet one thing we’ve seen in common across our top performing customers is this: they’ve leaned heavily on insights from Vincere’s analytics suite to make quick, astute business decisions during the toughest of times.

So - if you’re rebuilding your management and business strategy for 2021, here’s some food for thought. These are 5 key metrics our top performing customers are incorporating into their into 2021 goals and KPIs:

1/ “Where’s the money at?”

Metric to measure

Fees by company. Spend by client.

However you want to see it, the focus this year has swung from Candidate > Client. We’ve seen recruitment owners looking for deeper insights into their Client data: which of your Client accounts offer opportunity for increased revenues versus those which have potential to churn. Ultimately, do you know who your biggest clients are...and how much they are spending?

Why it matters

Knowing how much of your total revenue comes from your top ten clients helps you identify and mitigate risks. If 70% of your business comes from one client...what happens if there is a hiring freeze? If your revenues are spread widely across multiple organizations which of those can you get deeper into?

This goes beyond just looking at those top-line numbers: knowing how much of your Consultants' activities are being directed towards each Client helps you be aware of the amount of effort VS reward that each of these key accounts represents. This will quickly highlight who your ‘best’ clients are, and which of them are worth prioritizing.

Vincere’s pre-built ‘Company Stats’ dashboard shows you metrics like:

1. Company Stats

  • Fees by Company

  • Jobs by Company

  • Stages by Company

2. Effort by Company

  • Activities by Company

  • Average Activities per placement

  • Avg Activities per 1st interview

2/ “Are my pipelines blocked?”

Metric to measure

Open jobs against volume of activity. Do you know which job orders are stalling?

Why it matters

Prioritization is key. Your recruiters should not be wasting time focussing on the wrong jobs, chasing hiring managers who lack urgency to make a decision or Candidates who aren’t ready to move.

For you to forecast effectively, you need to manage the health of your pipeline like a hawk- so if jobs have stalled and are ‘rotting’ flush them out of the pipeline and move on. Your recruitment business is best served by flushing out the ‘rotting’ job orders that you’re never going to fill even if it means significantly reducing your pipeline. This way, at least your recruiters will have the time to focus on what is real and can result in NFI.

Be brutal. Of all the job orders your recruiters need to fill, which of them require the least effort for maximum returns? (see ‘Company Stats’ above for a steer on which of your clients make the fastest decisions for the least Consultant activity)

Keep a close eye on the velocity of jobs moving through your pipeline and prioritize those with an engaged hiring manager who is moving Candidates forward in the process. If Consultants are holding on to jobs in their pipeline which have not progressed in months...get them to take action or close them out from your pipeline. The good news is that the Vincere ‘Job Health Check’ dashboard shows you all of the above in a visual, intuitive manner so you can take actions quickly.

Vincere’s out-of-the-box ‘Job Health-check’ dashboard show you analytics like:

  • Best case (forecast of fees in $)

  • Least effort versus most effort

  • Positive momentum versus stalled momentum

  • Aging (days since the job was created)

3/ One for Contract recruiters: “How much $$ am I leaving on the table?”

Metric to measure

Only 6% of agencies track redeployment rates. This is probably the biggest missed opportunity for contract recruitment businesses. It is also the #1 KPI we see across our top-performing Contract businesses, globally.

Redeployment rate is the percentage of workers that you place in a new job/assignment after their current assignment ends.

You need to know:

  • Which of your contractors are finishing?. .and when?

  • How many of your contractors are unutilized? Which contractors have not been called in the last month?

  • What are your current redeployment and unutilized rates? You can't improve what you don’t measure.

Why it matters

Think about your Contractor Acquisition Cost: that’s all the time, effort you’ve invested into making a successful contract placement, then getting that Contractor compliant and paid. So why not focus on retaining workers and making sure they are all redeployed into new assignments?

If a Contractor you’ve previously placed is not working for you, there’s a very high chance they’re working for your competitors.

70% of contractors fail to be redeployed by the agency that placed them. Ouch.

Focus on improving your redeployment rates, that’s easy revenue you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Vincere’s pre-built ‘Temp & Contractor’ dashboard show you key metrics like:

  • Temp/Contractor growth over time

  • Active contactors (start of this month)

  • Starters & Finishers (this month)

  • Net Finishers (this month)

  • No. of active Temps / Contractors (weekly, monthly)

  • Avg. Redeployment rate

  • Redeployment rates overtime

  • Unutilized contractors (last 2 months)

  • Fee churn $ (last 2 months)

  • No. of Temp / Contractors not called (last 28 days)

4/ “Who are my top billers and underperformers?”

Metric to measure

Consultant ratios.

CVs Received : CVs Submitted, CVs Sent : 1st Interviews, 1st Interviews : Placement etc.

Why it matters

Two words. Performance management.

If you’re already tracking basic metrics like no. of candidate calls, no. of client meetings booked, no. of CVs sent etc, great. But these are simply a measure of activity levels. A high volume of activity does not necessarily make a recruiter a top biller.

It all comes down to ratios. The smaller the ratio, the more effective and successful a recruiter.

An understanding of each consultant’s ratios makes a manager's 1-on-1s so much more effective. By deep-diving into the ratios, you can help recruiters work out exactly what needs to be focused on. That’s feedback- and the best part? It’s actionable.

Vincere’s out-of-the-box ‘AI Coach’ dashboard uses machine learning on data collected from your usage of Vincere over the last 12 months to show you:

  • Real-time business performance: Target versus Actuals

  • Pre-built filers so you can drill down by Brand, Team, Location, Consultant

  • Every consultant can view their own personalized dashboard, based on their activity, data and numbers.

5/ “Are my consultants using the system effectively?”

Metric to measure

User engagement: CRM usage & activity levels.

To be more specific, this includes system log-ins, breakdown of system actions, activities and volume.

Why it matters

The benefits are twofold.

Consultants’ engagement with your CRM should be constantly monitored and measured on a longer term basis to track whether your system is being adequately utilized or not. Log-in rates can be high during the initial go-live days, but if they eventually plateau and plummet, that’s an issue.

With ‘#wfh being touted as the ‘new normal’, managers can’t actually see what’s going on unless they have real time analytics to guide them. How do you know who to support, and when it’s needed the most?

Tell me this: do you know if your consultants are truly busy? Do you know if the business is actually moving forward as it should be? What did your consultants do today, and what do they need to do tomorrow to move the needle?

Important business and management decisions can be made simply by looking at tech usage and activity levels.

Vincere’s pre-built ‘User Engagement’ dashboards show you:

  • Activity overview: total number and type of activity

  • Activity by consultant: total number and type that was completed by each consultant

  • Report Data - Entity: records that have an activity associated

  • Report Data - Drill-Down Log: all activities that were taken inside the platform


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