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Another year's gone, and our community is growing stronger.


Thank you for a great year.


Let's rewind and reprise the greatest hits of 2021.


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“Innovate always, in all ways”


We’re living our values with a constant churn of product releases.

New Features
New Products

Here are the blockbuster features we’ve added to your OS 👇


Faceted Search

50% of the talent you source from job boards is already in your ATS.


Mine hidden placements with the power of facets.

Shop your database with an easier, faster search. 

Interface Updates

Continuous improvements just for you.

We listened to customer feedback and made changes to elevate your entire Vinny experience.


Serve up a fully-branded microsite for your Clients with the


Present your best Candidates on a centralized dashboard for your Clients.

Livelist Laptop3


Make the LiveList™ yours.

More color & branding options.

More control

Choose what you want Clients to see.

Simply switch it on.

Key Stats

Show information such as Employer Spread, Number of Candidates, Last Activity Date & much more.


The all-new Mobile App

Screenshot 2023 04 01 At 16.33.30

Available in both Dark & Light mode


Voice-to-text: capture voice notes


Quick actions on Active Applications


Easy access to Candidate LiveList™


Analytics: Booked Fees & Placements


Ability to Edit & update custom fields


First Slack. Then MS Teams.
Now there’s the only comms platform for recruiters:

We upgraded VinnyChat’s editor, settings & notifications to give you more control over your comms experience.

Comms Vinnychat 1


VinnyChat x Zapier Upgrades

Send as Direct Message or to Group / Shout-outs.

Send surveys, collect feedback responses, or get NPS scores from your Clients and Candidates. 

More power to your back office

Timetemp Timesheet Leave Expenses 4



Enhanced attendance & clock in options

✅ Limit early clock in:

Set limits on how soon workers can check in before the start of their shift.

✅  Geofence attendance tracking:

Track attendance and location based on GPS coordinates and office wifi connections.



✅ Consolidated invoicing:

Bulk select and combine multiple invoices into one.

✅  Self-billing:

Back office consultants can now process self-bill invoices.

Timetemp Invoicing 5

Introducing the

Data Integrity Dashboard

Score your data to understand gaps in your database, hone in on duplicate records, and benchmark your agency against other firms in the region.
As a plus, locate top “dirty data” offenders.

Screen Mock Up4

MORE added to your #RecOS


Put a face in the race

All The Features You Need For Speed And Collab…
Icon Video Blue

Asynchronous video interviews


Icon Video Blue

Chrome app for video outreach


Icon Video Blue

Embedded in the LiveList


Icon Video Blue

Pre-integrated & unique to Vincere


Introducing the no-code automation platform
purpose-built for Vincere.




VinnyMate seamlessly connects apps both inside Vincere and out.
Automate mundane admin tasks to focus on making more placements.

Achieve more, in less time, with lower headcount.

Icon Flow Pink

Asynchronous video interviews


Icon Flow Pink

Chrome app for video outreach


Icon Flow Pink

Embedded in the LiveList


Icon Flow Pink

Pre-integrated & unique to Vincere


logo-digital-black (1).png

Your recruitment agency’s
digital shopfront



Icon Video Blue

Asynchronous video interviews


Icon Video Blue

Chrome app for video outreach


Icon Video Blue

Embedded in the LiveList


Icon Video Blue

Pre-integrated & unique to Vincere



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