Dealing with


#1 Enemy Of Growth

for recruitment businesses

*2019 Global Industry Report: Scale or Fail.
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01/ Awareness

Do you know who your underperformers are?
How about top performers?


Get your billers on the big screen.

Bubble up your dashboard to a big TV in the office. Best at-a-glance info about business performance in real-time.


02 / Performance Measurement

Are you currently tracking KPIs / targets?
How are you measuring performance? Spreadsheets or dashboards? 

Track & Monitor Your Team's Performance

Keep an eye on your team's performance by looking at their activities and drill down into detail to see where they should focus to get improved results.
vincere ratio & splits recruitment dashboard

03/ Performance Review

Are you able to drill down per consultant to review? Can you pin-point the issues?

Growth ratios you can rely on.

Uncover strengths and weaknesses of each team or consultant. Metrics include:
✔ Contact Calls: Jobs
✔ Contact Meetings: Jobs
✔ CVs Sent to 1st Interview
✔ 1st Interview : Placements
✔ CVs Sent to Jobs
✔ % of Returning Clients

04/ Culture

Instill some healthy competition. Use gamification to make workplace fun.

Hardwire a winning culture.

Instill some friendly competition in your team with ratios and rankings. The Leaderboard allows consultants to compare rankings with peers. See who's winning and who's right behind you.
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